Track Premiere: Ashen Tomb – “Ashen Tomb”


Once upon a time, there lived a boy who didn’t like death metal. He gave it the good ol’ college try, but just didn’t feel like the guttural, growled vocal style fit well with fast-paced music. The boy decided that it was OK to not like death metal and went back to his metal comfort zone, which largely consisted of all things slow and sludgy. Some months later, he discovered a band called Bell Witch, whose combination of growls and slow tempos really hooked the young lad. After developing a taste for these vocals, he decided to give death metal another try. After hearing nothing but praise for the band, that boy decided that he would check out a group called Bolt Thrower. The boy really liked the way that they combined growled vocals with mid-tempo riffs. Now that he had developed a taste for death metal, he listened to more and more until finally, he would consider it among his favorite genres.

Today, that boy has the pleasure of previewing a track from Finnish death metal-dealers Ashen Tomb.

Ashen Tomb’s self-titled EP debuted in November 2022, bringing with it a flavor of death metal that feels just fast enough to be out of the range of death-doom. “Ashen Tomb” has more sonic overlap with Bolt Thrower’s mid-tempo, tank-tready style than their previous release.  I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that there’s probably some early Cannibal Corpse influence here too. If you’re interested in either of these sounds, give this track a listen (and their debut EP while you’re at it).

The band had the following to say about “Ashen Tomb”:

This song, which shares it’s name with the band, was recorded in the same sessions as our EP. We felt it was an appropriate one to bridge the gap between the EP and our upcoming album, which is currently being mixed. “Ashen Tomb” is one of our most fun songs to play live, and has been played at our every gig. It’s turned out a real crowd-favourite too, so it’s great to finally be able to release it.

Ashen Curse releases on February 2 via Godz ov War Productions. Check it out on Bandcamp!

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