Review: Code Orange – I Am King


Code Orange Kids have been making waves in the hardcore scene for a couple of years now. Their last record Love Is Love//Return To Dust was a solid, if unremarkable, emo tinged hardcore album. Little on that record would have prepared me for the absolute banger that is their sophomore album, I Am King. During the last two years the band have been balls deep gaining influence from early metalcore stalwarts such as Disembodied and Indecision, whilst soaking up the atmospheric world of Neurosis and indie bands such as MBV and The Breeders. The end result is a supremely well executed blend of crushing metallic hardcore and shimmering shoegaze-esque melodies.

Opener and first single “I Am King” rolls out with a grinding bass and neck snapping riff sure to get the Kung fu warriors dancing around like loons. “Slowburn” lives up to its name as it creeps about, topped with the menacing snarl of drummer and vocalist Jami Morgan, before letting loose with a headbanging breakdown. The band is not afraid to mix it up, as evidenced by the incredible “Dreams In Inertia.” This is where they really live up to the current hype. This is a brooding and serious number, opening up with a light and airy riff before transferring into a section that would have every beard-stroking post-metal fan nodding their heads in appreciation. What really makes this track stand out are the beautiful clean vocals from guitarist Reba Mayers. It’s great to see a young woman in heavy music who can crank out the riffs with the best of them and yet add an extra dimension vocally that is sorely missed from a lot of heavy bands. With I Am King Code Orange (nee Kids) have released a solid contender for album of the year and have gone to show that the youngsters can stand up there with the scene greats. Miss this at your peril.


half flush I Am King is out today on Deathwish. 

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