Flush It Friday: LET THE SUN SHINE


Welcome back to Friday afternoon, the sweetest part of the whole week.

For a 9-to-5er, nothing beats Friday afternoon. This moment is the longest possible amount of time until you have to return to work on Monday. This moment marks the point where no reasonable employer can expect another task out of you. This moment isn’t QUITE yet the weekend so there’s still the possibility that you could do something amazing, instead of sitting on your couch until bedtime Sunday night. And even if you do waste your weekend (you will), there’s even better news waiting for you Sunday night:


The last four months have been a cold, black, miserable failure. Literally nothing good has happened since November. Fortunately, our long national nightmare is over. This Sunday I’m throwing away my seasonal affective disorder lamp because I’ll never need it again. This Sunday we gain an extra hour of sunlight. This Sunday, everything will be OK.

No longer will I go to work before sunrise just to leave in the pitch black nothingness. I don’t have to rush to get outdoor activities completed by 5pm. The tyranny over “Falling back” is over. We’re “Springing forward”, setting our clocks ahead by an hour, and never looking back again.

Good: Oh my sweet lord, more sunlight.
Bad: I sloughed off a giant callus on my hand while deadlifting.
Ugly: The real estate market in Austin.

This is Flush it Friday, your weekly opportunity to celebrate that which does not vex us. It’s your turn. Take it to the comments below and get it off your chest.

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