Toilet Humor: Disqus Greatest Hits


Disqus is a fierce but fickle mistress: best friend when it works, enemy when it doesn’t show new comments (will the nerds who work for the company EVER figure out how to attach an image without requiring us to refresh? It would save GL a novel’s worth of keystrokes). The one thing upon which we can all agree is that Disqus is the tool that brought us all together! Whereas we were once disparate beings traversing the wastelands of the intarweb in search of good articles about merol, Disqus allowed us to receive notifications upon new replies and provided a metric to which we can measure our comments’ worth by the number of upvotes versus the number of downvotes (though nobody downvotes in the Toilet, so you’ll have to look to other websites for those…)

I’ve often called The Toilet ov Hell “the funniest website out there” and I mean it. It’s not just the authors and editors who make it such, it’s the commentors who throw in their valuable contributions at the end of each article. Though we all were getting to know each other prior to the Toilet’s creation, we’ve all become good friends in the past year. Yes we take jabs at each other, but one visit to the TovH Facebook page will show you that it’s all in good fun. And after a year of all that flushing (with nary a clog miraculously), combined with my 5-star detective skills and a creepy affinity for screen-capturing select discussions, I present to you… Disqus Greatest Hits Vol. 1! Press play and listen to one of my top 10 songs of all time whilst you read.

So I know I just finished telling you that we all take jabs at each other, but you will now see how incorrect that I was. Every now and then somebody will make a mistake in the TovH; but it is the job of the other commentors to make sure he/she feels wronged for it.


Worry not, the man known as Edward isn’t without flaw…


BTW, who was this Cyrollan character? I’m just glad he’s gone.

Does anybody remember a time before Link Leonhart joined the Toilet? Neither do I, and why would I want to? He’s the best thing to happen to all of us. THE BEST THING.



I need to make a special section for one of THE most infamous commentors of all: Jannitor Jim Duggan (who often changes identities, also known as Ahmed Johnson and Eddie Trunk Jr.). Aside from being everyone’s friend, he is a walking encyclopedia of music that’s older than myself, a connoisseur of delicious food (completely srs), and occasionally a master trickster who’s skills slip past even the best detective on the Toilet:

JJD - plantains


JJD’s presence has been so integral over the past year, even in his absence the legacy lives on:


Power User. The mere mention of such a phrase can evoke the feelings about only one individual. We all know the Toilet’s #1 Power User, and I will use the following real estate to validate said position:


And whatever you do, make sure he is around when you post:


LOLZ, amirite?

The next couple are purely random. Please read and enjoy:

infinite witches

Joe (The Creator) adding an hilarious comment, typed with his averaged-sized hands,
about Kansas’s best unsigned band Bummer


Stockhausen knows a thing or two about touring bands…


W and DeadButtDreaming adding hilarious quips about Dimesland...
Prior to the tragic news about Drew Cook  …FUCK… 🙁


There is no humor to be found in this quip.
I just want to make my mark in history:
that Scrimm likes a portion of a Van Halen song.

Novelty accounts… or are they? Since day one the Toilet has been blessed with the presence of one M. Shadows (amongst others); but I ask one question:  how did we get so lucky? Maybe it’s because we aren’t so lucky at all, but that the Toilet happens to be the best merol blog on the Intarwebs: What else can explain how we get visits from the likes of zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, Reposted Avenged Sevenfold Fan, DoYouThinkHeSaurus, and most recently the Cavemen?



The hero with a heart of gold…

So I know we have discussed this before, and I’m about to hammer the point home again: if you’re a fan of the Toilet ov Hell, feel free to join in our Disqusions! This site values community over any other attribute — even metal! These are just some of the most LOL-worthy blurbs after a year of operation… imagine what we can accomplish after another year of accruing new members! (Which also means some of you have to get busy practicing screen-capturing things.)

And here is where I want to leave you with today: an absolutely valuable part of the comments sections involves the ability to leave relevant GIF images to the discussion. And there is nobody — NOBODY more talented than our very own Tyree at the aforementioned task. What follows is an animated GIF that I do not understand; but one which I view every night, several times, before I say my prayers* and go to bed:

bologna hotdog

* to Satan, of course.

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