It’s back!

Here’s the deal – I’m gonna make this pretty quick because I’m about to go see Skull Fist. Forgive me my curtness.

I won last week. I’m coming for you, Howard Dean.




  • Everyone’s favorite dip, Guacamole Jim, chose the theme for next week. I’ll let him explain it: You know that one part in a song where the singer repeats the same line over and over? The part where you hear it once and can’t help but scream along with it every time you hear it from that point on? The part where you can’t wait until the live show, because you know they’re going to play that song, and you know that part is going to hit, and you know the entire crowd is going to flip the fuck out and scream like banshees along with the singer? Yeah, that’s what we’re doing next week.The rules are:
    1. It has to be a vocal line.
    2. It can be gang or solo vocals.
    3. It doesn’t have to have words (i.e. can be a melody line of “oooooh”‘s), but has to repeat at least four times.
    4. It should be metal, but doesn’t have to be (see: Killing in the Name).
    5. It absolutely HAS TO make you want to scream along.
  • Send your entry to with your name, an explanation, and a specific time.
  • Let me know if you have an idea for a theme.
  • Long live Schubert.



Some brave soul submitted Galneryus a number of weeks back and they didn’t get enough attention, so I’m giving them another shot here. I don’t expect them to be a hit among the voters, but I can’t lie to my heart. And my heart says submit the solo at 2:44 of “Hunting for Your Dream.” Watch this group of Final Fantasy characters shred their shit.



At 1:06 there is a no fucks given solo that offers no mercy. The guitar solo that says: fuck off and die! So fucking DIE!


Jack Bauer

My choice for solo of the week comes from my 2014 album of the year. The solo that starts at 2:42 and goes all the way to 6:12 in Bloodshot Dawn’s “The Image Faded” is fucking amazing.



When I think of solos, I think of power-prog. Its a genre built around cheese, and using your instrument as a phallic object with which to slay poseurs. Symphony X is a name with all due pedigree, and their guitarist Michael Romeo is one of the most talented in the business. And, rather than simply give you a song and make you find the solo. I’ll do you one better, from “Sea of Lies.”


Nordling Rites ov Karhu

I had another solo, a good one but a traditional one as well. After some thinking I decided to throw A Forest Of Stars’ “God” at you. It begins about at 4:35 and it’s a very heavy case of dem feels. Oh, and it’s played on a violin.


Akercocke of Steele

Yes, I think this is a very, very great solo. And The D-word Does not refer to Dave Mustaine.  Starts at 3:10.


Zeke… or Isaac; whatever

People generally don’t look to 2nd wave black metal for guitar solos, but I always thought the solo in this song was fantastic. I don’t think there’s any question that the dude from Abigor can shred when he wants to, but for his solo in this song he decided to go slow and make every note count. I think this approach fits the song perfectly. Oh, and bonus points for the Seventh Seal clip in the intro. Solo starts at 2:50.


The Satan ov Hell

Is the D word Death? 2:59 for a fantastic Chuck Schooldiner solo.



It seems you flushers are always voting for something too crusty, doomy, Manowar-y, or Bolt Thrower-y for my taste (aren’t most of you YOUNGER than me?)  So while I could have picked a bunch of modern, polished guitar solos – and lost – I’m going as kvlt and as poorly-recorded as I possibly can. 1349 wrote a NASTY guitar solo on the track “Psalm 7:77.” It’s lightning fast, it’s weird, maybe a little messy, and towards the end one has to wonder how much higher those notes can get! (Start at 2:52the vocals are going to make an appearance but the solo goes all through 4:05).



This particular live version of Blue Oyster Cult’s “E.T.I. (Extra Terrestrial Intelligence)” has not one, not two, but three solos: each occur at almost exactly 2:00 (the short one), 3:00 and 4:00, respectively. Improvisation was pretty much par for the course of a live BOC experience; but the fact that only one of the three solos (the first one) is even comparable to the studio album track’s solo just makes this one that much more impressive.


Brock Samson

Sorry fellow turd sniffers, but I believe I win. Start at 3:56.


Maik Beninton

Well, which one right? There are 2 solos in this song, but I’m choosing the second one that start at 2:48.


Call the Slambulance

Is this a low-hanging fruit? Probably. Fuck you. This is my least favorite track on a perfect album due to the stupid lyrics, but this song blasts. The solo at the 2:00 mark is evil as all hell and complemented wonderfully by the explosive drums. Party hearty, life-lovers.


The Mighty Tapir

A person who doesn’t like Gentle Giant isn’t a person you should be friends with. This song is from my favourite album of theirs. The solo  starts at about 02:00.


Link D. Leonhart V.

If I could, I would nominate the entire Ad Astra album from groovy Wwedish maestros Spiritual Beggars, but you limited me to just one song and this is my pick: “Sedated.” What makes a good solo? To me it’s the ability to express from the bottom of the strings some kind of emotion and expression. I’m going to cheat a little bit, because I pick both guitar solos from this song. Since the start, the trippy keys of grandiose Per Wilberg, the distorted bass of Mr. Spice and the bouncing drums of Ludwig Witt pave the road for the guitar to shine and help the sounds to ascend to the stratosphere and the stars themselves. With the use of the cry-baby pedal, Mr. Michael Amott (yes, that red-head that some use to bash) displays those classic influences in his playing at the 1:14 mark. I don’t know about you, but, when I hear those squeals, those scale runs, and those sacred bendings (specially the one in 3:06), I can’t help myself from air guitaring and making weird slug faces while seeing a lot of purple, yellow, red, and white. That’s what the solo does to my senses.

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