Spearcast: Top Tracks ov 2018


Spear takes over the podcast today to fill your cart with some of his favourite songs of the year!

Techless Death Thursday? Never fear, for you’re still going to get your weekly fix of Spear. However, this week he’s dropping in to share some of the songs he’s been itching to tell you about that don’t necessarily fit into his usual TDT column. The variety of mad shit here is second to none, so make sure you tune in to hear his thoughts on why these songs stuck themselves in his big ol’ brain. Click play below!

Music Featured Today:

Alkaloid – ‘Liquid Anatomy’ from Liquid Anatomy (Season of Mist)

Rolo Tomassi – ‘Rituals’ from Time Will Die And Love Will Bury It (Holy Roar)

Moonshield – ‘The Death Cleric’ from The Warband (Independent)

Yashira – ‘Redact (Flood)’ from Shrine (Good Fight Records)

Weaponlord – ‘Witch Hunt’ from Hail The Victorious (Independent)

Exlimitir – ‘They’re Building An Infinite Tower To His Finite Glory’ from It Weighed Itself In Silver (Independent)

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