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Check out the premier of To the Depths from Ohio thrashers Lucis Absentia.

Hey man. Life got you down? I know how it is. Sometimes your boss is a dick, your car won’t start, and the guy at the deli puts mayo on your sub even though you EXPLICITLY TOLD HIM NO MAYO. FUCK. It’s enough to wonder if there’s even a reason to slog through another day. Fortunately, you can always count on the little things to perk you back up. A nice cup of coffee, cat videos, and, of course, wicked thrash guitar solos.

Thankfully, Lucis Absentia are here with crunchy riffs and tasty leads to to wash away life’s troubles. Tune in to tracks like “Tempest” and let the liquid guitar solos plug into you like a massive power generator. If you dig the fiery fretwork of Megadeth or Revocation and want slick, modern production, To the Depths will deliver the goods.

To the Depths is out this Friday on Static Tension Recordings. Pick it up here, then go tell the dudes in Lucis Absentia how siqq their leads are.

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