This Toilet Tuwednesday (5/31/23)


This week’s release list was so shitty that putting it together left Roldy in a vegetative state, so I’m back on the golden throne to finish what he started. A Spearrogate writer, if you will. Indeed, a quick glance at the list seems to indicate that it fucking sucks (save for like Project Roenwolfe and Thantifaxath), so I’m leaving the job of finding anything that doesn’t to you. Back to the release mines with ye.

Thantifaxath – Hive Mind Narcosis (Dark Descent Records) [Dissoblack]

The vibe around here has been entirely too positive for too long, so let’s bring the mood down. Thantifaxath are known for their hideous dissonant music, and that hasn’t changed here, but the approach has. In their own words, “The album has two levels working in dichotomy with one another. On one level there is a strong resistance to something, and on the other there is a total acceptance of that same thing,” and that dichotomy is expressed quite explicitly in the tunes itself. I don’t want to say too much, but it’s theatrical and spooky in ways that the band has not yet explored, and I am eagerly anticipating the rest of the journey. 6/2/23

3xperimental – Cosmic Tales (Independent) [Symphonic Black]

Aeffect – Theory of Mind (Independent) [Dissodeath / Groove]

Akilla – The Gods Have Spoken (Independent) [Symphonic Melodeath]

Anubis Gate – Interference (Nightmare Records) [Prog / Power]

Atlases – Between The Day & I (Lifeforce Records) [Post-Metal / Groove]

Aypheros – Impetu Spiritus (Umbrium Records) [Blackened Death]

Bersimbah Darah/Dead Vertical – Axis of Blastbeats (Blackandje Records) [Grind]

Blåådpalt – Caedite Eos (Inverse Records) [Groove / Death]

Boneyard – Ghoulish Tunes (HPGD Productions) [Deathgrind]

Bongzilla – Dab City (Heavy Psych Sounds Records) [Stoner Doom]

Burnt Skull – Daylight Mutilation (Independent) [Alt / Industrial]

Cadaver Carnivore – Devouring Eclipse of Darkest Realm (Heretic Impalement Records) [Death]

Damim – World Turned Hell (Church Road Records) [Blackened Death]

Demented Heart – Frantic Pandemic (Brutal Mind) [Tech Death]

Endless Exam – Voice of Passion and Agony (Inverse Records) [Symphonic Power]

Fjoergyn – Judasmesse (TrollZorn Records) [Symphonic Black]

Forgotten Ruin – Eternal Bliss in a Chamber of Wonderful Suffering (Independent) [Raw/Lo-Fi Black]

From Those Ashes – Dusk Descending​/​/​Dawn Ascending (Independent) [Metalcore / Melodeath] [NSFW Art]

Garden of Sadness – I Failed… Again (Independent) [DSBM]

Gloryhammer – Return to the Kingdom of Fife (Napalm Records) [White Power Metal]

Gryal – Fausto (Independent) [Symphonic Power]

Heldscalla – Two Cathedrals (Independent) [Doom / Post-Metal]

Hellwitch – Annihilational Intercention (Listenable Records) [Tech Death / Thrash]

Hess n Hell – Vol 2 (Iron Virus Records) [Stoner Doom]

Illuminated Manuscripts/Reflet Crépusculaire – Split (Xenoglossy Productions) [Raw/Lo-Fi Black]

Indigent Ritual/Strange Creature – Split (Independent) [Raw/Lo-Fi Black]

Infiltration – Cognitive Warfare (Coyote Records) [Slam / Brutal Death]

Isua – Abandon (Crucible) [Sludge / Doom]

Itnuveth – Sarkoud: The Soul Thief (Base Record Production) [Black]

Lacerated – The Beauty of Agony (Independent) [Metalcore]

Lore’s Decay – S/T (Independent) [Death/Doom]

Lunarscathe – Autumnal (Independent) [Melodeath]

Lycanthropic – Archdaemon (UKEM Records) [Blackened Death]

Malevaje – Semilla del mal (Independent) [Thrash / Groove]

Minas Morgul – Nebelung (TrollZorn Records) [Blackened Death]

Moral Collapse – Divine Prosthetics (Subcontinental Records) [Death / Groove / Ambient]

Mortifica – Land of the Blind (Independent) [Tech Death]

Mourning Silence – Serenade Kelam Mencekam (Reprisal Promotions) [Melodeath]

Neuronal Eradication – Environment (Independent) [Raw/Lo-Fi Blackened Death]

Omnium Gatherum – Slasher (Century Media Records) [Melodeath]

Project: Roenwolfe – S/T (Syrup Moose Records) [Power / Thrash]

Prydain – The Gates of Aramor (Limb Music) [Symphonic Power]

Red Cain – Näe’bliss (Sliptrick Records) [Symphonic Melodeath / Power]

Rod Sacred – Another Day (Metal Zone Italia) [Heavy]

Saint Karloff – Paleolithic War Crimes (Majestic Mountain Records) [Stoner Doom / Hard Rock]

Scarnival – The Hell Within (Kernkraftritter Records) [Melodeath]

Shrouded Mirror – LP2 (Independent) [Blackened Death / Groove]

Simulation Defect – Within the Threshold (Independent) [Tech Death]

Sorger Ekar – Cosmic Blight (Independent) [Black / Ambient]

The Ironfist – Tyrant’s Return (Sliptrick Records) [Melodeath / Blackthrash]

The Lumbar Endeavor – Long Distance Love Letters (Independent) [Sludge / Doom]

Thorium – Empires in the Sun (Freya Records) [Heavy]

Thunraz – Revelation (Planetary King Records) [Death]

To Descend – Mindless Birth (HPGD Productions) [Death]

Tortured Demon – Rise of the Lifeless (Spiritual Beast) [Deathrash]

Trollband – Woolgatherings (Vegvisir Distribution) [Symphonic Death]

Trollwald – S/T (Independent) [Stoner Doom / Folk]

Tyrann – Besatt (Electric Assault Records) [Heavy]

Ukko’s Hammer – Toil (Independent) [Crossover Thrash]

Uncured – My Design (Seek & Strike) [Prog / Groove]

Unfurl – Ascension (Independent) [Sludge / Post-Hardcore]

Vanagloria – La sabiduría inconcebible (Suspiria Records) [Heavy / Groove]

Veiyadra – Amaglam in Chaos (Pathologically Explicit Recordings) [Brutal Death / Slam]

Vide – The Parish (Independent) [Raw/Lo-Fi Black]

Visions from Beyond – Portal to Inertia (Brutal Cave Productions) [Death]

Void ov Nihility – Above the Stars of God (Independent) [Blackened Death]

Vörst – Burn the Priest (Zenith Records) [Blackthrash]

Wretched Hallucination – Self (Independent) [Stoner Doom / Sludge]

Wytch Hazel – IV: Sacrament (Bad Omen Records) [Hard Rock / NWoBHM]

Wytches Moon – Grimoire II: Abrahadabra (Independent) [Occult Rock / Psychedelic Doom]

Чермень – За порогом сна / Beyond the Threshold of Sleep (Independent) [Black]

噬湖乐队 – 茫茫集 (Infected Blood Records) [Black / Folk]

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