Sunday Sesh: Hit for Hit


On Friday, I had the distinct privilege of hanging out with fellow toileteers Vladimir Poutine and MoreBeer at Black Sky Brewery in Denver, one of the trvest and cvvlest joints to get a cold one in the entire Mile High City. While there, Sr. Beer told me about a set-up Black Sky is doing for a December 10th show headlined by Demolition Hammer. It seems the preeminent brewery is going to host a dueling battle between the venerable Exhumed and the juggernaut Skinless. The two bands will each trade off song for song, hit for hit, with a final champion declared! I’ve never seen this type of show played live, but I think it’s a capital idea. I got to thinking, “What other two titans of metal would I like to see throw down?”

I think the format would work best for two well-established acts. Bands with long discographies and fat dossiers to draw hits from would be well-poised to try to win over the crowd. Really, you could pair just about any two classic bands from thrash metal or death metal and have a hell of a competition. If you want to go riff for riff with classic Bay Area also-rans that just so happen to still be putting out quality thrash, my pairing would be Exodus and Testament.

For a fun death metal competition, we could pair two titans from the competing Swedish and Floridian death metal scenes. Care to hear the planet-leveling riffs of Obituary or the jagged serpentine brutality of Dismember?

I think this competitive idea has a lot of legs. Let me know who you’d like to see duke it out in the comments below.

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