Sunday Sesh: The Halloween Extravaganza


Halloween costumes! Pumpkin carvings! Spoopy movie recommendations! Scary soundtracks! Pranks pulled! Halloween is on the worst of all possible days this year (Monday, ugh), so most of you are probably celebrating this weekend. This is your Halloween megathread! Share with us your good, bad, and ugly of All Hallow’s Eve.

Unfortunately, I have neither costume nor pumpkin to share with you this year. I’ve spent most of my weekend bedridden from some sort of sinus sickness. It’s entirely possible that my sinuses have exploded and are allowing my brain to leak out of my nose. That would look pretty brutal in a horror film. I’d watch that.

I don’t have any horror movie recommendations either. I’ve seen pretty much every crappy horror flick on Netflix, and nothing has really stood out. I Am the Pretty Thing that Lives in the House is tedious, The Beast of XMoor lacked substance, and Bleed makes zero sense whatsoever. At least I have this spoopy skeleton dance to watch.

I do, however, have tunes to share. Classic tunes. Tunes that bring the spoop. Whodini sure knows how to set the mood.

Alright, freaks. It’s your time to come out. What are you doing this Halloween?

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