Tech Death Thursday: Odious Mortem – “Condemnation Foretold”


This is a truly blessed Tech Death Thursday.

It has been nearly thirteen years since Odious Mortem released Cryptic Implosion, an absolute banger of a tech death album and long thought to be the band’s swansong. Seriously, go listen to that album, and you’ll pretty quickly see why I’m so excited for new music. And indeed, rather than being lost to the annals of history, the band are finally following up their sophomore album with Synesthesia, their first release of any sort in over a decade. We’re bringing you a taste of that new album today with “Condemnation Foretold.”

“Condemnation Foretold” brings with it everything that made the band’s previous output so enjoyable; this is fast and aggressive, and it has just enough touches of prog to make things flavorful without being overbearing. Short bursts of augmented arpeggios give it an alien feeling which is compounded by the disjointed melodies of the riffs, but smart, straightforward resolutions to each of its constituent parts keeps it streamlined and easy to follow. The solos are blazing fast and present some interesting ideas not unlike Munzner’s work on Cosmogenesis. Fans of Deviant Process and particularly Decrepit Birth will be immediately at home here—unsurprising, given the majority of the members’ tenure in the latter act.

A decade of silence hasn’t dulled the band’s edge in the least. Between this and “Ruins of the Timeworn,” Synesthesia is shaping up to be a hell of a release. You’ll have to wait just a bit longer for it, though; Synesthesia comes out on January 17th, 2020 through Willowtip. Preorders are available through their web store and Bandcamp, and you can follow Odious Mortem on Facebook. In the meantime, I highly recommend going back and checking out their previous works. That’s all for now, so until next time,

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