Tech Death Thursday: Orgone, Mindscar


Is your face really that important to you?

I had a battle of epic proportions in my mind when trying to decide which of these bands to feature today. So, I said fuck it and I’m going to feature both. Deal with it. News first, though:

Deivos, one of the most brutal tech death bands out there, previously featured in TDT, are getting ready to drop their new album Theodicy and have released the first fucking epicly epic filled with epic amounts of epicness single from said album titled “Ochlocracy“. You can pre-order that album here.

Psycroptic have released yet another new single called “The World Discarded“. Yup, it’s Psycroptic.


Archspire have released a video explaining where the weedilies and the deedilies come from. Check it out so you can realize how incompetent you are on the guitar!



Alright so let’s talk about Mindscar, who hail from Orlando, Florida. Last week there was a rare occurrence. I received an email about these dudes at a time and place where I was able to look at it right away. God damn am I glad that I did. This was the most pleasant surprise of the year so far. Thanks to Bloodbath (the guy who sent the email, not the band) for turning me on to these guys. First things first, here’s a song:

The first thing I noticed about Mindscar – aside from the fact that they are really really good – is that while they are without a doubt technical death metal, there are no weedilies or deedilies, no noodling or any of that stuff. While I do enjoy those things (see Archspire), it’s nice to see a band actually writing songs without them. The songs on the album have a sort of black metal aura, only without fully embracing it. The riffs are really good, swirling around the blast beats and vocals like a tornado. The drumming is on point and doesn’t sound overproduced like so many other bands have lately. I can’t really put my finger on who the vocalist sounds like, but he nails both the expected harsh vocals and the occasional eerie clean vocals. If you ask me, the production on this album is perfect. I can hear the drums and guitars without the vocals being drowned out and vice versa. There are also some pretty killer solos throughout the album. The last song on the album is a Nine Inch Nails cover. I haven’t heard much from NIN, so you guys can be the judge of whether it’s a good cover or not. Frankly, I thought it was kind of strange that tech death band was covering it, but whatever. You can grab their album on Bandcamp for a chill 6 bucks. Not bad for 11 songs if you ask me.

Now, I’m about to introduce you to one of your new favorite bands. You don’t believe me? What if I told you that I could describe these dudes as what would happen if Pyrrhon and Gorguts had a baby? It sounds even more ridiculous than that. It’s true, though! Don’t take my word for it, bask in the glory of Orgone:

Orgone bring dat skronk and they bring it hard. Their songs are technical as fuck, spastic as fuck and more indecisive than a Jack Bauer in a record store. This band is sure to please any fans of skronk and/or technical death metal. These dudes from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania self released the absolute monster of an album that is The Joyless Parson as well as 2007’s The Goliath. Orgone come complete with crazy wacko sounding vocals, guitar tones similar to Pyrrhon, and song structure in the vein of the mighty Gorguts. That’s a killer combo if ever I heard one. The riffs are all over the place in the best kind of way. They swirl around the listener like a maniacal swarm of wasps, while the screams of vocalist Geoff Ficco permeate every inch of it. Meanwhile, the drums are relentlessly thundering in the background of this demented aural assault, begging you to turn up the volume just a little bit more. There are a few nice melodic breaks (see around 3 minutes into the title track). You can get all of Orgone’s work for the wonderful price of free at their Bandcamp. However, you should give them money if you can because both albums are spectacular.

As always, don’t forget to follow both bands on their respective Facebook pages. Until next time…

Stay Tech.

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