TMP: Shining, Artificial Brain, Ufomammut, and More!


If you’re finally done getting your nostalgia buttons pushed by the Power Rangers, come back to the real world and get caught up on the metal news.

Shining, the Swedish one, is touring the US with Revenge and Wolvsomething. In unrelated news, I think we should stop naming tours.

Gorguts has a large US tour set up with Defeated Sanity and Exist.

Death/doom band Loss released a new track from their album coming out May 19.

Solstafir premiered another track. Album out May 26.

  • There are a handful of not cringe-core bands playing at Warped Tour, but I’ve never owned a pair of Vans so I can’t go.
  • Metal Injection premiered the new Artificial Brain song featuring Trevor Strnad.
  • Ufomammut announced that their new album titled “8” (trying to one-up George Costanza) will be out September 22. Check out this recording session video they posted.
  • Belphegor announced a release date of September 15 for their next album.
  • Tool might actually start streaming their music in an effort to try to separate their image from Taylor Swift.
  • Russian Circles announced a live album.
  • Megadeth is touring with Scorpions. Bleh.

Huh, either news has been quiet for the last few days or I missed a bunch. Share your news in the comments.

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