The Best Band in South Carolina is Solaire


Back in August 2014 we asked you to help us find the best unsigned bands in America. After listening to hundreds of submissions and calling each other lots of names, we finally narrowed down our pick for the tangy, mustard-based BBQ sauce state. The best band in South Carolina is Solaire.

Rather than pretend like I know a damned thing about South Carolina, let’s get right to it: Solaire is one of my favorite finds from this contest. This is a band that puts out fuzzy stoner grooves with a remarkable knack for catchy melodies and a serious talent for skillful songwriting. Those of you that loved Bummer and/or Elephant Rifle (our winners for Kansas and Nevada, respectively) will find a lot to love here.

Hailing from the small college town of Clemson, we’ve got three young men that really grok what heavy rock n’ roll is all about: sweet riffs that would go great with fast cars and/or drugs and/or intense isolation. At times, Solaire recall the bluesy decadence of Deliverance-era Corrosion of Conformity. Elsewhere, the band pumps out pretty melodies that wouldn’t sound out of place on an ancient Smashing Pumpkins record.

The Solaire EP is a stunner. “Amarillo Cow Puncher” is easily my most-played track of the month. Propulsive and fist-pumping from the start, the song follows a linear yet satisfying progression. The solo in the middle section is so tasty I entered it into last week’s Solo of the Week (none of you voted for it, you rat bastards). “Burnin’ a Wet Mule” (again, with the animal abuse) is a bluesy and melancholy take on 90s rock that demands repeat listens.

Do you dig the EP? You’re in damn fine luck. Solaire are currently hard at work on their full-length debut. Go like them boys on Facebook and stay up to date on their progress.

But don’t just take my word for it. See what some of our esteemed judges have to say:

HessianHunter: There’s just a certain special something about this band. They’re not breaking new ground genrewise, but they ARE breaking ground in giving me so many feels while sounding so familiar, even comforting.

Dagon:When I lived in the United States for a year I learned what “comfort food” was when I first had Mac n’ cheese. Solaire is lobster mac n’ cheese, with four different types of cheeses including a crunchy Parmesan layer that was baked to perfection.

Randall Thor: PRAISE THE SUN

WVRM – Dirty grind from Greenville. FFO: Trap Them, Lord Mantis, Kurt Ballou

The Toilet ov Hell is on an absurd quest to find the best unsigned band in each state of this glorious union. The purpose? To shine the spotlight on bands that deserve more exposure. Also, we’re going to determine once and for all the greatest state in the nation. Each state winner is decided by a collection of 25 judges. After we’ve announced the winner of each state, we’re gonna throw them all in a winner-take-all bracket and leave the votes up to you. Who will be the best unsigned band in the United States? Which state is superior? We can’t wait to find out.

Previous winners:

Alabama — Phylum
Alaska — Terraform
Arizona – Take Over And Destroy
Arkansas – Torii
California – Destroy Judas
Colorado – The Sleer
Connecticut – Autumn’s Eyes
Delaware – Sloss
Florida – Capracide
Georgia – Lost Hours
Hawaii – Darkest Path
Idaho – Rotten Hand
Illinois – Deus Ex
Indiana – Thorr-Axe
Iowa – Blizzard at Sea
Kansas – Bummer
Kentucky – Ad Infinitum
Louisiana – Withering Light
Maine – Sylvia
Maryland – Bereave
Massachusetts – Scaphism
Michigan – Blackgate
Minnesota – Noble Beast
Mississippi – Jared Moran (Yzordderrex/Uzumaki)
Missouri – Existem
Montana – Martriden
Nebraska – Borealis
Nevada – Elephant Rifle
New Hampshire – Eerie
New Jersey – Black Table
New Mexico – Void Ritual
New York – HUSH.
North Carolina – The Seduction
North Dakota – Gorgatron
Ohio – Prize the Doubt
Oklahoma – Cottonmouth
Oregon – Drouth
Pennsylvania – Burden
Rhode Island – Eternal Khan

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