Terrorizer Magazine died and no one told their subscribers


In October of 1993, a little magazine was born in the soggy darkness of the UK. Over the years, Terrorizer would celebrate and elevate some of the best acts in extreme metal. 24 years and 285 issues later, it appears that Terrorizer is dead.

The last physical copy of Terrorizer, issue #285, was sent out in November of last year to UK subscribers. Many in the U.S. and Canada did not receive their copies. The publication hasn’t uttered a word about folding anywhere online. Their last blog post was December 18th, 2017. They last Tweeted on December 18th. Terrorizer‘s last Facebook post was published on November 15th. If you check any of the interactions on their dormant social media accounts, you’re bound to find a number of confused and angry readers.

For years prior to ceasing publication, customers complained of missing deliveries of physical issues and, even more confounding, digital copies not being sent. Subscribers were assured that their orders would be sorted but most remain unfulfilled. The magazine’s last public announcement about their production problems came in September.

It appears that subscribers are still getting charged for auto-renewals despite the company ceasing publication. Customers have complained that they’ve been unable to get any assistance from Terrorizer‘s customer service email or phone number. Mercifully, the magazine’s BigCartel has been taken down recently, preventing new subscriptions.

So what gives? Perhaps I’m just a big ‘ol softy, but it’s very odd that an outlet with such a long and storied history as Terrorizer would just kinda up and disappear in the middle of the night without a proper sendoff. Running a blog is a giant pain in the ass, so I can imagine how difficult it must be to create a physical magazine with worldwide distribution. After almost 25 years, Terrorizer was no longer able to fulfill those demands. It’s a shame. Metal fans across the globe will miss it.

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