Texas Metal Outlaws – Texas Metal Outlaws: A Video Breakdown


Yes, their album is also called Texas Metal Outlaws. I hope you’re happy.

We’ve heard Texas Hippie Coalition. We’ve dealt with alpha metal outlaws. Put them together and what do you get? Hepatitis C! You also get the amalgamated name for Texas Metal Outlaws. The band (or more accurately, this song since TMO seems to be an “all-star project”) features members of Watchtower, Agony Column, Ignitor, S.A. Slayer, and DRI. I’ve heard of some of those! Hey, I’m just glad they don’t refer to the band as a super group. That term needs to be buried alongside all the unsold Killer Be Killed, Damn Yankees, and Brides Of Destruction albums. Let’s see if “all-star project” is better than “supergroup”.


I’m pretty sure I played this level in Wild Gunman on NES.


Ouch! Right in the public domain!

Too subtle. I need a giant neon sign behind him that says “WE ARE FROM TEXAS!”


This could also double as a commercial for a new chili restaurant.


The lost episode of Bonanza.


Now you know the dangers of playing too many hot licks.


He probably should’ve reconsidered wearing reflective sunglasses.


Special guest appearance by Weigedood.


“So how’d you get all these burns on your tongue?”


Hat on loan from the Hellyeah Collection.


Now we’re all incredibly uncomfortable.


Texas Metal Outlaws’ album Texas Metal Outlaws is out on October 26th via Heaven & Hell Records and Texas Metal Underground Records.

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