Carcass and Obituary Announce US Tour w/ Macabre, Exhumed, Noisem


Okay pals, here’s a chance to check something big off your list. Assuming that you (1) haven’t yet seen Carcass and Obituary live, (2) live within reasonable distance of one of the following venues, and (3) aren’t a massive poseur nerd who doesn’t have seeing Carcass and Obituary live on their list, this here is your opportunity. Dust off the blood apron.

A “reasonable distance” to see the master butchers/death metal legends, by the way, should equate to “anywhere on planet Earth.” I don’t care where you live. Get there. Got a job with a conflicting schedule? Quit that shit.

Don’t really. Times are hard. But try your best! Dates below.


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