News and New Music Roundup: Morbid Angel, Amorphis, The Armed, Whispered and Organ Dealer! Now With 10% More Or Less!


We have all kinds of jams! Raspberry, lingonberry, juniperberry, cloudberry…

Amorphis’ new album Under The Red Cloud, mixed by Jens Bogren, will be released on September 4th. Below you can see the album cover by artist Valnoir Mortasonge. The lyrics will again be written by Pekka Kainulainen but will not form a complete story this time around. A book about the band’s history will be released on August 20th, written by Markus Laakso (of Kuolemanlaakso). Undoubtedly they will be releasing tour-info in no time as well.


Into Eternity has been signed by Kolony Records and will be releasing their new album (first in 7 years), titled Sirens, this fall. Stu Block is too busy being Iced Earth’s best vocalist to partake in this band anymore, so they’ve got a new vocalist accordingly, Amanda Kiernan, from The Order of Chaos.

Strange things are afoot in the Morbid Angel camp. Although Steve Tucker appears to be rejoining the band, Evil D. is currently claiming to still be part of the group. Additionally, Tim Yeung is no longer a member either, and while he was an able man I know I don’t mind. A different rumour (that I might have started myself) knows that his place has been taken by none other than our very own Tyree (Scab), congratulations man, now kick some ass.

Whether this latter rumour is true or not I doubt that Pete Sandoval will ever return, and honestly I’d rather see him take his (once again) revamped line-up of Terrorizer into studio and make a less machine-lly boring album or precision-fire-grind. Anyways, Morbid Angel appears to be now with 100% more Steve Tucker (distinguishable from a dead crab).

Pentagram will release Curious Volume on august 28th through Peaceville Records. Victor Griffin  be riffin’, and tours will follow.ahab-the-boats-of-the-glen-carrig


Most importantly, Whispered have a new song out and their third album will be released towards the end of the year. Hopefully it won’t be delayed for a decade like their sophomore effort. The album is yet unnamed but the single is called “Sakura Omen” and it comes with a cover of a tune from Megaman X; apparently the band is trying to make a (welcome) tradition of their covers, previously having recorded the theme of Silverfang and a song from FFVII.



  • Dying Fetus debuted a new song (live)
  • Cruciamentum’s debut full-length is about to get release details soon. In the meanwhile you can see the cover here.
  • Thrawsunblat is preparing for the release of Metachtonia. Details here.
  • Horrendous is supposed to have a new album ready by October.
  • The Armed is streaming Untitled here.
  • Guess who’s got a new album coming out on July 14th! No, JJD, it’s not The Guess Who, it’s Organ Dealer. At this location you can hear their newest ripper.
  • Phil Dubois is out of Revocation.
  • Keep your eyes fixed on this:ahab-the-boats-of-the-glen-carrig
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