TMP: Conan, Darkthrone, Iced Earth, Napalm Death, Necrophobic & More!


There’s an exhausting amount of news to be had this week, so you better start early.

Iced Earth announced a North American tour with Sanctuary and Kill Ritual.


Cradle of Filth is going to tour the States with Jinjer

And Conan is going to tour the States with The Ditch And The Delta

The Crown signed with Metal Blade and is going to released a new 7″, unfortunately we could not procure the full thing so you’ll have to content yourself with this brief teaser.

The world is finally going to get rid of Manowar,but that ain’t stopping Boy-Joey. He’s to embark on a spoken word tour. Yes, really. Self described as a “a captivating one-man multimedia show”. About Manowar’s history from day one to present. It’s bound to be a brutally honest discussion and in no way dedicated to shining Joey’s knob at all. You’re definitely going to get all the juicy bits in the band’s history and going to hear an honest confession as to why Manowar is chasing Womanowar (self-described feminist Manowar tribute band) down for using a similar logo, and putting their live versions of Manowar song on Yotube. While at the same time hiring a drummer from a Manowar tribute band that does not describe itself as feminist for their final tour.
Or well, I guess that got answered just there. Anyways, if you’re interested – see info here


  • Napalm Death released an unused song from 2014, as part of the Decibel Flexi series. You can listen to it here, a nice little ditty, even if it’s no surprise as to why it didn’t make the cut for any album.
  • Suicidal Tendencies has finished recording their (possibly last) EP, with Paul Northfield.
  • Necrophobic will release Mark of The Necrogram on february 23rd, cover art here.
  • Drummer Ronnie Bergerstål is now officially out of Grave.
  • New Corrosion of Conformity song/video
  • Guitarist Rasyid of Wormrot fame found a stoner-project, Marijannah.
  • Red Moon Architect released a new stand-alone single, Rising Tide
  • Black metal (with a twist of folk without the instrumentation usually associated with such endeavors) band Paara signed to ViciSolum and released the first song to their upcoming sophomore record.
  • Due to health issues Kalmah vocalist/guitarist Pekka Kokko will be sitting their December tour out, Pether Winterschmied of Burn Down Eden and Robse from Equilibrium to sit in.
  • Kuolemanlaakso will be re-releasing their sold-out sophomore record, Tulijoutsen, with the also sold out EP, Musta Aurinko Nousee and a new 63-minute “In Memoriam” documentary, featuring new interviews of the band and producer V. Santura, archive & live material, as well as the band’s music videos.
  • New Saxon song
  • Trivium alumni Travis Smith and Brent Young teamed up with Rob Adams and found Blacknova, “combining elements from Dream Theater, Machine Head, Tool, Metallica and Iron Maiden“. Eclipse From Within, the title track of their upcoming EP to be released soon.
  • Markus Makkonen left Hooded Menace some time ago, to focus on Sadistik Forest. An endeavor now coming into fruition as the death metallers have signed to Transcending Obscurity, announce a Finnish-tour, and prepare to release Morbid Majesties in early 2018. Also, did coke with Thor, threw cars at people, and somehow that was not news at the time it should have been.
  • Green Druid released a new, 18-minute song.
  • Visions of Atlantis returns to Lemuria. Just in time to witness the second mass-migration.
  • Heidevolk keep the fire of resistance burning
  • Clenching Fart Genocide Pact has a new song out
  • Deathwhite, not to be confused with White Death (F U Richter), neither of which are named after White Death, released a song that is neither white nor deadly. Rather mellow actually.
  • Accuser joins the vast ranks of bands putting out new material with “Mission: Missile“, it’s a pretty good on… Oh God whats happening with those lyrics?
  • Grind a Mammy, pupper
  • All I Want For Christmas is for bands to stop doing this, Jésus Alfonso Cristatos.
  • Somebody resurrected Michael Schenker, and it starts out like a christmas carol, why, God, why?
  • Orphaned Land teased a new album. Twice. With Hansi Kürsch.
  • Procession performed “Solitude” with Messiah Marcolin
  • Joe Lol Turner made headlines
  • Machine Head dies (now) with this live video.
  • Dave Ellefson revived Combat Records
  • Darkthrone released a new single featuring a raw master version of “Burial Bliss” from Arctic Thunder, and more interestingly for many, I wager, a cover of Celtic Frost’s Visual Aggression, recorded all the way back in 1989, with a surprisingly good quality.



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