Flush it Friday: Passport to iMaGiNaTiOn


Like any good hoarder, the devices I use to store my shame have begun overflowing.

My bookshelves spew unread pages, glossy jackets, and assorted novellas in a deluge of knowledge; alas, the secret to ending this addiction is nowhere to be found in these tomes. Everything changed when I picked up a little, plastic rectangle from my local loremaster (that’s what I call librarians, things like this get me through the day): a library card! Defender of bank accounts (nay, savior of BofA), bestower of infinite wisdom, I call upon you from depths ov Wallet. Instruct me in woodworking! Reveal the languages of Burkina Faso! Guide me, o Dewey One, for I am lost in the great stacks! Anyways, this thing is pretty cool, haven’t had one since I was a fledgling.

You can count on IGoM loving Crowbar ’til he LIVES FOREVER:

Count On Me ‘Til I Die: Crowbar’s Zero and Below

Lord of Bork has been converted to the Konvent:

Heavy, Dark, Fierce, and Beautiful: An Interview with Konvent

Let there be Midnight! Let there be A Spooky Mansion!

Review: Let There Be Witchery – Midnight

Quick Stick picks to get your kicks:

Joaquin’s Rapid Review Roundup 4

Y’all slinging these bad mama-jamas? Got the black AmEx that lets you rent the entire library for a month? Tell me more. G/B/U it up.

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