We Want YOU On The 300th Episode Of The Toilet Ov Hell Podcast


Keep reading to find out how.

Wow. We’re closing in on 300 episodes of the Toilet Ov Hell podcast. No one said we could do it. Most said we shouldn’t. Lots of laughs have been had and more than a few people have gotten really, really, ridiculously mad at us. Honestly, we would not have made it this without all of you who listen, laugh, and love with us on a weekly basis. Now is your chance to join us in this momentous occasion.

There are two ways that you can join us for this upcoming momentous occasion.

Call us at (803) 712-3773 and leave a message

We have our own dedicated voicemail. Leave us a message telling us your favorite show memories, interviews, references, skits, bits, and jokes and more. Make sure to say who you are (either your real name, Disqus, Twitter handle or whatever) and we’ll include your message on the show. Extra points for bad impressions and dramatic readings. Have fun with it. We’d love to hear from you, especially if you’re a listener that’s never contacted us before.

Buy and send us a Cameo

We had lots of fun a few weeks ago on the show when we listened to a bunch of celebrities and musicians awkwardly record messages in their homes for the right price. If you’re not up for leaving a message or just want to do something extra special for us, browse all the people on Cameo and have the person of your choice record a message. You can have a metal legend congratulate us on 300 episodes or a comedic genius roast us for wasting our lives podcasting. Maybe some words of wisdom from a pro wrestler or perhaps the voice of our generation saying we have balls of steel. The possibilities are endless. Once you receive the cameo, you can mail it to us at toiletovhellradio@gmail.com and we’ll play it on the air and shower you with praise.

Easy, right? There’s no better way to celebrate 300 episodes of just winging it and talking about heavy metal nonsense than we all of our friends. Honk honk honk!

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