This Toilet Tuesday (12/19/23)


O ceramic-seated one, O reservoir of release, where hast thy water gone? The year rapidly swirls down thy hungry mouth. This week we’ve got Man’s Name metal, updates to OSHA’s guide to unsanitary workplaces, and a new phase of the Bob Macabre Cinematic Universe. Heed the No Diving signs—it’s a bit shallow this week.

Brygmus – Augury (Dying Sun Records) [Death/Doom / Sludge]

The writhing riff that introduces “I Become the Mass Grave” is panic distillate—the perfect soundtrack for face-gripping in the throes of a very bad time. When the band pours some sludge over this grinding intensity, the track slows to a death ‘n roll stomp; I’m reminded of Ellorsith‘s menacing swagger. Augury features a new vocalist, Bogi, and though I’m not familiar with Brygmus’ past efforts, her powerful, phlegmy bellows form a nice coat of grime over the proceedings. I can only hope the other tracks induce a stank-face like that on the artwork! -Roldy

Angr – II (Independent) [Black]

Blackstaff/The Wright Valley Trio – Bitter Altar (Independent) [Death/Doom / Sludge]

Bull of Apis Bull of Bronze – The Fractal Ouroboros (Independent) [Black]

Chronicles – Spirits of the Mortified (Independent) [Death]

Count Witchfinder – Witch Trial (Chaos Caravan Records) [Doom]

D – 血界 (God Child Records) [Symphonic Goth Metal]

Disappointment – A Lifeless Dream (Independent) [Raw/Lo-Fi Black]

Dusk – Dissolve into Ash (Dark Symphonies) [Death/Doom]

Edward De Rosa – Darkness Falls (Independent) [Prog/Power / Instrumental]

Eternal Silence – 3 (Rockshots Records) [Symphonic Gothic Metal]

Funeral Vomit – Monumental Putrescence (Xtreem Music) [Death]

Grave Gnosis – Pestilence Crowned (Independent) [Black]

Insurrection – Exiled to Earth (Tunnelgeur Records) [Melodeath]

Jégzivatar – Kapuk (Fetzner Death Records) [Raw/Lo-Fi Black]

Legi​ó​n Wicca – Doble moral católica (Masters of Kaos Productions) [Blackthrash]

Madame Frankenstein – The Eyes of the Mountain Are Mine (Independent) [Stoner Doom]

Malaöun – The Inexorable Darkness (Independent) [Blackened Death]

Masochrist – Grimecode: DCLXVI (Independent) [Deathgrind]

Occulticus – Mortiferous Phantasm (Macabre Mastermind Records) [Raw/Lo-Fi Black / Bob Macabre Cinematic Universe]

Opposition Party – ReThrashed (Subculture Productions) [Groove Metal]

Overlorde – Awaken the Fury (No Remorse Records) [Heavy Metal]

Parh – Disobedience (Mythrone Promotion) [Sludge]

Pedro Botero – Más sabe el Diablo… (Demons Records) [Heavy Metal]

Power Reset – Son of the Light (Independent) [Power]

Rusticated Ruins – Eternal Asperity (Macabre Mastermind Records) [Sludge / Bob Macabre Cinematic Universe]

Sadistic Demise – …and Pathologist Wept (Coyote Records) [Death]

Second Shooter – 2nd Shot (Independent) [Groovy Death]

Skull Defiler – Defiled and Exiled (Macabre Mastermind Records) [Death / Bob Macabre Cinematic Universe]

Slaveson – The Fabled Beast (Independent) [Death]

Solitary Sabred – Temple of the Serpent ( [Heavy Metal]

Sordid Reign – Demolition (Independent) [Thrash]

Strangle the Moon – Universally Reviled (Independent) [Deathgrind]

Sylvania – Purgatorium (Art Gates Records) [Symphonic Power]

The Ghoul – Tales from the Grave (Independent) [Doom]

Those Who Bring the Torture – Towards Decay (Iron, Blood and Death Corporation) [Death]

Tortured Conscience – One Law One King (Vision of God Records) [Brutal Death]

Venom Symbiote – Ishimura’s Dead Flesh Shelter (Rising Nemesis Records) [Brutal Death / Slam]

Virus Inhumanity – The Black Face of Death (Independent) [Death ‘n Roll]

WarBand – Bystander Effect (Independent) [Thrash / Goregrind]

Warpath – Uprising of the Oppressed (Independent) [Symphonic Melodeath / Folk Metal]

Wax Portrait – S/T (Independent) [Atmoblack / DSBM]

Yfel – Beneath the Mountain’s Vigil (Independent) [Atmoblack]

Åsse – S/T (Iron, Blood and Death Corporation) [Black]

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