This Toilet Tuesday (7/29/14)


Happy Tuesday, flushers. Spear, Deputy Dipshit, Jack Bauer, and Flushgod Apocalypse are back this week with another edition of This Toilet Tuesday. Unfortunately, this week is sort of like a ghost poopy, in that there was a whole lot of effort and time spent to bring you this thread, but there’s very little material in the bowl to show for it. Oh well. We hope you find some nugget to enjoy.

Gorgasm – Destined to Violate (New Standard Elite) 7/31/14


Okay, so technically New Standard Elite decided to put this album out early after it leaked, but its official release is the 31st and it still deserves mention!  Gorgasm doesn’t really bring anything new to the table with “Destined to Violate,” but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.  Songs jump without warning between ferocious blastbeat-driven diminished/chromatic runs and mammoth, slower riffs. Technical without being noodly and thoroughly savage, this is not an album to be missed. (Spear)

Steamforged – The Endless (Independent) 7/31/14

Listen to “Atlantis – Trenchbound Majesty”

Picture this: Jordan Rudess dives into the ocean, meets Poseidon, murders him with his own trident, and consummates with Amphitrite. 9 months later, a keyboard-shredding half-human, half-Atlantian is born. The chosen one is named Steamforged, and he rises from the depths to bring us The Endless, an instrumental keyboard-driven progressive metal album. (Flushgod Apocalypse)

Other New Releases:

Argus – Blood, Fire, Beer (Sarlacc) 7/27/14 – Stream

Darkest Hour – Darkest Hour (Sumerian) – Listen to “By the Starlight”

Fractured Spine – Memoirs of a Shattered Mind (Independent) 8/1/14 – Stream

Funereality – Goregeous (Independent) 7/27/14 – Stream

Heidra – Awaiting Dawn (Mighty Metal) 7/28/14 – Listen

Invidiosus – Malignant Universe (Tridroid) 7/29/14 – Listen

Kaine – The Waystone (Independent) 8/1/14 – Stream

Krigsgrav- The Carrion Fields (Naturmacht) 7/30/14 – Listen

Mutilation Process – Flesh Eaters (HPGD) – Stream: “Flesh Eaters”

Neoheresy – Noc Która Dniem Się Stała (Pagan) 8/1/14 – Listen

Oubliette – Apparitions (CD release- The Artisan Era) 8/1/14 – Stream

Panopticon – Roads to the North (Bindrune) 8/1/14 – Stream

Sacrificio – Sacrificio EP (Iron Bonehead)

Skid Row – Rise of the Damnation Army – United World Rebellion: Chapter 2 (Megaforce) 8/1/14 – Listen

SOS – Strength and Conditioning (316) 7/29/14 – Stream

Star Insight – Messera (Inverse) 8/1/14 – Stream

The Last Ten Seconds of Life – The Last Ten Seconds of Life 2010-2012 (Density) 7/29/14

Those Who Bring the Torture – Piling Up (Selfmadegod) 8/1/14 – Listen

Throne of Sacrilege/Impurium Split – Unleashing a Cacophony of Destruction (Orchestrated) 8/1/14

Unbreakable – Knockout (Dark Star) 7/29/14 – Listen

Unisonic – Light of Dawn (earMUSIC) 8/1/14 – Listen

Verstecktengång – Matters of the Ineffable (Independent) – Stream

Did we forget a new release? Is there a way we could improve this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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