Riff Of The Week: Flood Edition



Before dive into this week’s contest, let’s take a look at the results of last week’s Good Riff From A Bad Album Edition. Looks like Carcass took out the win with [*squints*] about 23% of the vote. Well done to Megachiles, and smooth-brained Republicans who use the original to unwittingly make themselves somehow appear even less self-aware. Very cool and smart.

This week our theme was Flood(ed).
Here’s what you sent in…

Anciients – ‘Flood And Fire’ (Riff @ 5:55)

Anciients first record is about as progressive as I get. I figured they would take off in the prog scene after releasing Heart of Oak but that second offering was….anyway, this thrash riff doesn’t last long but it hits hard when the drum set really kicks in.
*thinks to himself, “Man, their second album sucked.”*

Orphaned Land – ‘Mabool (The Flood)’  (Riff @ 1:54)

Me in 2004: “Wow a Middle Eastern Metal band? Sounds like a gimmick, let’s see what they got.” This album was my introduction to the band and it blew me away.
It tells the story of 3 angels and their failure to get humanity to stop sinning in order to return to heaven. The tension builds throughout the entire album (and song) before the waters are unleashed and everyone goes for a very long swim.

Let’s get Blibical! Biblical!

Howard Deanzig
Geoff Tate – “Flood” (Riff @ 1:28)

Well, I know I will at least get one vote. [fist bumps Janitor Jim]

Gutted – ‘Flood Of Blood’ (Riff @ 0:00)

Simple effective riff throughout, nice little solo and an all around great track by an underrated band. Oh, and its got “Flood” In the title.

Martin O’Donnell and Michael Salvatori (feat. Steve Vai) – ‘Halo Theme MJOLNIR Mix’ (Riff @ 0:38)

This riff defined my teenage years. Halo 2 with a roomful of buddies was some of the most fun I ever had with a controller in my hands, and a large chunk of the campaign was dealing with the all-destroying alien parasitic Flood, with the soundtrack being an essential part of the experience. The first time I heard that massive divebomb into the smooth lead into the harmonic feedback into that chunky riff, my jaw hit the floor. I know I put the timestamp at 0:38, but you best be listening to the whole intro.

Glacial Tomb – ‘Drowned’ (Riff @ 0:00)

Was gonna pick a riff from Kallathon’s ‘Carried Away By Surging Waves After The Last Breath’ but I didn’t want to have to type out that title more than necessary so here’s an awesome cut from Glacial Tomb’s late-2018 crusher.

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Next week our theme is melody.
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