The Best Albums of 2014: Toilet ov Hell Community Picks


Last week we asked you guys to help us determine the best records of 2014 and damn did you guys deliver. More than 500(!!!) records went up for vote. How does that much music even exist?? Of all the records submitted, here are the ten that gathered the most votes. Presenting: The Toilet ov Hell’s 2014 Albums of the Year as chosen by you, the Toilet ov Hell community.

10. Black Crown InitiateThe Wreckage of Stars (31 Votes)
9. PanopticonRoads to the North (31 Votes)
8. Job For A Cowboy Sun Eater (33 Votes)
7. YobClearing the Path to Ascend (33 Votes)
6. TriptykonMelana Chasmata (34 Votes)
5. Fallujah The Flesh Prevails (35 Votes)
4. Blut Aus NordMemoria Vetusta III: Saturnian Poetry (36 Votes)
3. MastodonOnce More ‘Round The Sun (38 Votes)
2. BehemothThe Satanist (49 Votes)
1. Artificial BrainLabyrinth Constellation (50 Votes)

There you have it. Artificial Brain’s debut record just barely edges out Behemoth for the number 1 spot. What do you think? Did you guys make the right picks or did you all collectively blow it? Let’s argue below!


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