Riff Of The Week: Mammal Edition


Imagine there’s a witty tagline here that doesn’t make a crude reference to the fact that mammals are the only taxon with boobs.

Last week we had2go fast for our Speed Edition. Apparently the super slick greaser gang rocked up to the local milk bar’s toilet ammenities and threatened the voting populace with an ♥♠ACE♠♥ engraved flick-knife, as the rockabillies from Reverend Horton Heat took down Paradox by just one vote. Guess it’s time to don leather jackets and celebrate with some not-at-all obnoxious references to the 50’s subculture along with a nice cold glass of malt. I’ll be right down to join in after I finish drowning myself in a sink full of mouthwash.


This week we ticked off another phylogenic clade from our list, with Mammals joining our previous Bird, Reptile, Insect, and Shark editions (we’ll cover fish again, one day…maybe).

Tyler Brooks
Obliteration – “Goat Skull Crown” (Riff @ 0:52)

A riff only suitable for non-posing goats in bullet belt vests. [Lizard Note: Just vote for this]

Infiltrator – ‘Hordes of Hades (Deathbangers)’ (Riff @ 0:46)

The Deathbanger is a solitary mammal that lives in basements and in front of stages. Aside from that, I don’t think gods hatch from eggs, so Hades probably counts as a mammal, as well. Anyway, all living beings get slain by the riffs on this EP, and this one is no exception.

Andrey Tkachenko
Grief – ‘Rhinoceros’ (Riff @ 0:28)

Just one word: BASS.

ME GORAK!!!!!!!
Behemoth – ‘Wolves Guard My Coffin’ (Riff @ 0:00)


Deströyer 666 – ‘Lone Wolf Winter’ (Riff @ 4:44)

This riff is just the epitome of epic!

Motorhead – ‘Brotherhood of Man’ (Riff @ 0:00)

You ever get absolutely baked and start hankerin’ for some riffs? This one always gets me going. Not necessarily in a good way, seeing as the song is an extrapolation of man’s sins and general folly, told as though by some observing being who’s generally sick of our shit. Cheers, mankind. You’re a scummy mammal.

Ian Rigg
Cattle Decapitation – “Mammals in Babylon” (Riff @ 2:30)

This riff comes right after a slow part of the song. They play ot a few times on its own then add a little tremelo part to the end of it. The rest of the band joins back in for a full flurry to wind the song out.

Cattle Decapitation – ‘Mammals in Babylon’ (Riff @0:10)

This was a two-inch putt, really.

Regarde Les Hommes Tomber – ‘A Sheep Among The Wolves’ (Riff @ 0:29)

This one from 2015 mentions 2 mammalians, but just go vote for Obliteration already.

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