New Stuff You MUST Listen to: Panopticon, Primitive Man, Cold World


Dudes. Today has been crazy with new stuff being streamed. Get in here and get you some of this.

First up: Panopticon. Austin Lunn’s black/folk metal project has a new album coming out August 5th. If you can’t wait that long, NPR has your back. I’m not normally into this kind of thing but it’s really weird and good! The first two tracks on the album have officially made my day. You can stream Roads to the North right here. You can preorder that thang here.

Next, Primitive Man has posted up their track from their upcoming split 12” with Hessian. The track is nine and a half minutes of evil. If you’re a fan of hateful blackened doom, this is your jam. Listen to it and embrace negativity unless you’re some kinda lifelover

Finally, something I’ve been craving for years: Pennsylvania hardcore dudes Cold World have a new album streaming over at Noisey. How The Gods Chill is their first album since the 2008s Dedicated to Babies Who Came Feet First. The new record features Kool G Rap on a guest spot and I’m about to pee myself with excitement for ignorant mosh. Stream it here! Preorder it here!


It feels inappropriate to not embed my favorite Cold World tune so I’mma do that.

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