This Toilet Tuesday (8/1/23)


O consumer of odorous offerings, today we bestow upon ye but a scant scattering of scat. This week we’ve got some Lazy River doom, dasharez0ne thrash u can lisen too, and one truly shiddy deathgrind split. Join us in the swirl, for all are welcome in the unholy bowl.

Besta – Terra Em Desapego (Lifeforce Records) [Deathgrind]

Up to this point in their decade-long history, Besta hadn’t written a song breaching the 3-minute mark; in this sense, Terra Em Desapego (“Land of Detachment”) is a fitting title as they distance themselves from the short outcries of grind. Maybe the singles are outliers (at 5 and 6 minutes respectively)? We’ll know on Friday, but I can’t think that far ahead as they’ve sandpapered (coarse grit) my brain to a high polish.

From melodic Carcassian leads to slithering, palm-muted trem picking, there are a smattering of ideas in each track, but the band avoids the riff salad pitfall with clever transitions that bridge styles with ease. As an owl with a kink for clinks, I must also point out drummer Paulo Lafaia’s excellent cymbal work (and overall solid performance) throughout. -Roldy

An Autumn For Crippled Children – Closure (Prosthetic Records) [Atmoblack]

Aprilmist – Homesick (Independent) [Atmoblack]

Architects of Dissonance – Totenkvlt (Rising Nemesis Records) [Death / Slam]

Balrogath – We Bring Calamity (Independent) [Melodeath]

Blight House Blight The Way (Syrup Moose Records) [Gross Deathgrind]

Bloody Bomb – selftitled2 (Independent) [Grindcore]

Burning Sun – Wake of Ashes (Stormspell Records) [Speed / Power]

Chaos Descent – The Blurry End of an Era (Fetzner Death Records) [Death]

Crown Solace – Animus (Independent) [Symphonic Melodeath]

Crypta – Shades of Sorrow (Napalm Records) [Death]

Dark Sky – Signs of the Time (Metalapolis Records) [Hard Rock / Heavy Metal]

Decapitados – Presagio de aurora (Metalapolis Records) [Symphonic Melodeath]

Digest!/Feaces Christ – Necrotizing Progress (Rebirth the Metal Productions) [Deathgrind]

Djinn and Miskatonic – Paleo (Independent) [Sludge / Doom]

Drune – Drown (Independent) [Doom / Sludge]

Dun Ringill – Where The Old Gods Play – Act 1 (The Sign Records) [Folk Doom]

Dymna Lotva – З​я​м​л​я П​а​д Ч​о​р​н​ы​м​і К​р​ы​л​а​м​і​: К​р​о​ў (The Land Under The Black Wings: Blood) (Prophecy Productions) [Doom / Post-Metal]

Eminentia Tenebris – Rise of a New Kingdom (Antiq Records) [Meloblack]

Hallucinate – From the Bowels of the Earth (Caligari Records) [Death / Sludge]

Icon of Sin – Legends (Frontiers Records) [Heavy Metal]

Induction – The Power of Power (Atomic Fire Records) [Symphonic Power Metal]

Körgull the Exterminator – Built to Kill (Xtreem Music) [Blackened Death]

Lightning Strikes Across the Sky – Eidgenossen (Independent) [Raw/Lo-Fi Black]

Nox Eternus – Eternal Night (Independent) [Blackened Death]

Old Skin – V/H/Death (Independent) [Sludge / Death]

Prayer for the Masses – Best Trip Is Death (Prokaza Records) [Doom]

Sacrodeath – Engendro del caos (Adirondack Black Mass) [Deathrash]

Singra – A Casa Assombrada (Independent) [Post-Metal]

Skeleton – Our Way (Independent) [Thrash]

Sulphuric Death – Immersed into Eternal Fire (Apocalyptic Productions) [Blackened Death]

The Crawling – All of This for Nothing (GrindScene Records) [Death/Doom / Black]

Thumos – Musica Universalis (Independent) [Post-Metal]

Tumulation – Haunted Funeral Creations (Hammerheart Records) [Death/Doom]

Underkript – Fables (Independent) [Metalcore]

Voidclaw – Transmissions from a Neanderthal Space Age (Independent) [Stoner Doom]

Warhawk – Dambuster (Cimex Records) [Heavy Metal]

Yuri Fulone – Descobridores (Classic Metal Records) [Symphonic Heavy Metal]

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