This Toilet Tuesday (9/7/21)


Somehow Tuesday keeps happening, and it keeps leaving a steaming pile of new music on my front stoop. Fortunately for you all, I’m into that shit, and I’m here to parse through it all for you. This week’s new album dump is particularly odiferous, which is to say quite good; look at that list and tell me there’s not something down there you’re not excited for.

Aborted – Maniacult (Century Media) [Death Metal]
Listen to “ManiaCult”

Yet another series of lineup changes seem to have stripped Aborted of their previous full-lengths meloprog-ish tendencies, at least most of them, which will undoubtedly delight many a fan. As for me, I think they’ve gone back to a more generic sound and still can’t combat their earlier material in terms of memorability. For something that might as well be called The Sven de Caluwe show, he seems a little subdued here, but at least Impetus Odi promises his usual goodness. A sure fan pleaser, if nothing to write home about. 9/10/21 (Karhu)

Seven Spires – Gods of Debauchery (Frontiers Music) [Symphonic/Melodeath]
Listen to “Gods of Debauchery,” “Lightbringer”

Symphonic metal that isn’t terrible? It’s more likely than you might think! Not only is Seven Spires not just a third-rate Nightwish knockoff, they’re unambiguously good- no qualifiers necessary. Their penchant for grandiose orchestrations is helped along by the fact that each member of the band is very good at their respective instruments, and they’re not afraid to show it off for fear of covering up said orchestrations. It all weaves together into something as smart as it is melodic, and I’m very much looking forward to the full release. Also it’s kinda hilarious how obvious it is in a poppy song like “Lightbringer” that the bassist played for a couple tech death acts. 9/10/21 (Spear)

Aeons – Consequences (Independent) [Prog Metalcore]
Listen to “Rubicon”

Æpoch – Hiraeth (Independent) [Progressive Death Metal]

Antim Sanskar – Antim Sanskar (Independent) [Black Doom]

Black Mass – Feast at the Forbidden Tree (Redefining Darkness) [Thrash]

B on Reason – Chapter 3: The Empire of Lost Souls (Independent) [Heavy Metal]

Centenary – Death…The Final Frontier (Independent) [Death Metal]

Chrome Waves – The Rain Will Cleanse (Disorder Recordings) [Post-Metal]

Crisix – The Pizza E.P. (Listenable Records) [Thrash]
Listen to “World Needs Mosh”

Cult Burial – Oblivion (Independent) [Death Doom]
Listen to “Parasite”

Daily Insanity – Chronicles of War (Independent) [Death Metal]

Dawn Fades – Ode (Metal Assault Records) [Post-Metal]

Dimidium Mei – Devil’s Tales (Mara Productions) [Black Metal]

Erebor – Inherent Malevolence (Independent) [Tech Death]

Gates of Mourning – Reliquary (Independent) [Black Metal]

Grim Fate/The Sombre – From Ancient Slumber/The Horrid Silence Thus Began (split- Chaos Records) [Death Metal]

Hladomrak – Archaic Sacrifice (Non Serviam Records) [Black Metal]

Human Cull – To Weep for Unconquered Worlds (Independent) [Grindcore]

Hunted – Deliver Us (Pitch Black Records) [Power Metal]
Listen to “Time Will Tell”

Infamia – Crisálida (Rock-CD Records) [Power Metal]
Listen to “El Poder de la Unión”

Inferi – Vile Genesis (The Artisan Era) [Tech Death]

Journey into Darkness – Infinite Universe Infinite Death (Independent) [Symphonic Black Metal]

Mägo de Oz – Bandera negra (Warner Music) [Folk Metal]
Listen to “Bandera negra”

Maladie – Symptoms III (Apostasy Records) [Black Metal]

Mastiff – Leave Me the Ashes of the Earth (eOne Heavy) [Sludge/Hardcore]
Listen to “Endless”

Mehenet – Ng’ambu (Gilead Media) [Black Metal]
Listen to “The Mystery of Nations”

Mereflesh – Baptised in Blood (Reality Fade Recordings) [Brutal Death Metal]
Listen to “Hatred”

No Coffin – All Life Must End (Independent) [Death Metal]
Listen to “.45”

Obsidian – Aftermath (Independent) [Death Metal]
Listen to “The Drama”

Redemptus – Blackhearted (Independent) [Sludge]
Listen to “How Much Pain Can Fit in One Chest”

Replicant – Malignant Reality (Transcending Obscurity) [Weird Death Metal]

Rotted Through – /the_Depths (Independent) [Deathcore]

Rupskallex – Black Wings (Independent) [Melodeath]

Seeds of Perdition – Suffering of the Dead (HPGD Productions) [Death Thrash]
Listen to “Dead Inside”

Subfire – Define the Sinner (Symmetric Records) [Heavy/Power Metal]

Sunburster – Sunburster (Knife Hits) [Stoner Doom/Sludge]

Sweeping Death – Tristesse (Independent) [Spooky Thrash]
Listen to “Alter the Rift”

Teeth – Finite (Translation Loss Records) [Weird Death Metal]

Trappist/Connoisseur – Cross Faded (split- Tankcrimes) [Hardcore/Sludge]

Vell’z Fire – The Last Stand (Riding Rock Records) [Heavy Metal]
Listen to “The Last Stand”

Did we forget a new release? Is there a way we could improve this list? Let us know in the comments!

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