This Valentine’s Day, Give The Gift Of Fronz


Happy VD from Fronzilla!

Today is the day of chocolates, flowers and gifts. Sure, it’s no Love Day, but Valentine’s Day is the time of year designated by our business overlords to express our love for each other. Sometimes it’s hard to accurately express just how you feel deep inside, past all the bile and contempt for humanity. In those rare cases, you need to reach out to someone else, someone with a gift for the written word. Thankfully for you, we have Chris “Fronz” Fronzak from Attila.

Mr. Fronzak is truly the 21st century’s greatest poet, wordsmith, and all-around Casanova. Don’t believe me? Well, here are some of his most romantic lines on a Valentine’s Day card ready for printing. Let his voice be yours this holiday season.


Now that you’re definitely in the mood for loving, just remember that this man has children. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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