Toilet Radio gets educated with Ben from KHEMMIS


Your boys are joined by Ben Hutcherson of the mighty Khemmis. Join us as we discuss the band’s highly anticipated 3rd full-length, their upcoming tour with Enslaved and Wolves in the Throne Room, TRVE Brewing and craft beer across the country, the sociological study of subcultures and putting in PHD work on the road, Ben’s band Glacial Tomb and their cover of an anti-fascist Aus-Rotten tune, and a spirited discussion about watching a man eat a pile of horse shit. As a bonus, we got Ben to share his best advice for young guitarists. Folks, you better believe this is a good ‘un.

Music featured on this show:
Khemmis – “The Bereaved” from Absolution (Facebook)(Bandcamp)

You can catch Khemmis at a venue near you on the Decibel Magazine Tour.

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