Throwdown With This Guitar And Bass Playthrough Of “Devolved Into Humanity” From Foes


Foes knows.
I’m not a guitar player. I tried for a little bit, learned “Twinkle, Twinkle” and then real life got in the way preventing me from learning more. I’m sure with time and a lot of lessons, I would be able to at least get “Smoke On The Water” or something like that. Luckily for us, Oregon-based grindy hardcore band Foes can definitely play. What better way to prove that than a helpful playthrough video.

Watch as guitarist “Sonny Daniels and bassist Brandon Self effortlessly shred through “Devolved Into Humanity”. Speed and precision are skillfully executed while audio chaos rages around them. Look at them just casually ripping through the song the same way you might rip through a bag of Utz Red Hot Chips. Remember this the next time you struggle through Polly Wolly Doodle on your secondhand BC Rich Metal Master.

Sonny Daniels refers to “Devolved Into Humanity” as,

“Definitely one of the more complex songs off the album. Also, the first song written for the album. The video kind of intended to feel dark and primal with the skulls, candles, and antlers in the background. It also features our signature mannequin head which people who have seen us live will recognize from the merch booth.”

Vocalist Micah Berry adds,

“Lyrically, it’s very much about society becoming more animalistic and less intelligent to the point we destroy ourselves through ignoring intelligent ideas. I definitely know it’s one of my favorite to play, not only because of how linear and chaotic it is, but also because the structure of the song represents to me how chaotic life, as well as the human race as a whole, tends to be. We are merely a flock being thrown around and forced into a system we don’t agree with, which in turn, causes mass panic, hatred, and a total loss of inner control. We are all tired. We all want change. And we are sick of waiting for it through empty promises being made. This song represents that anger, to me.”

There you have it. Grab your signature mannequin head, watch the video, and feel the explosions inside your head.

Need more Foes? You can grab their American Violence EP out now via Glacier Recordings. You can find more of their music on Bandcamp and more info on Facebook.

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