TMP: Blood Incantation, Nile, Power Trip, and More!


Stuff here! Come get your stuff!

Get probed by new Blood InKitation.

Nile doing Nile things.


Some more Cannabis Corpse.

  • Immortal Bird dates.
  • Power Trip put together a kickass lineup for Return of the Eveal Beat fest in Dallas.
  • Doomy stuff from Angel Witch.
  • .gif from god dates.
  • Some more black stuff from Dawn Ray’d.
  • Melodeath from Officium Triste.
  • Superfast black-ish stuff from Bednja.
  • More non-metal from Leprous.
  • Jinjer with a new tune.
  • New Cro-mags, album out December 6.
  • Frizzi 2 Fulci tour.
  • American Nightmare US tour.
  • For the love of god everyone please watch this Coronatus. Suffer with me.


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