Flush It Friday: Three Things to Get You Through Winter Solstice


Or Summer Solstice if you live south of this planet’s big ol’ belt.

That’s right, it’s the shortest day* of the year for the majority of our readers (our friends in terra nullis and other lower latitudes not included). Your Seasonal Affective Disorder or just plain ol’ holiday blues are likely flaring up somethin’ fierce. You need something to take off the edge. Might I offer you a short list to get you through the dark weekend and over the Festivus hump?

1. Fullsteam’s Coffee is for Closers Iced Coffee Porter. It’s an established fact that I am a former president who likes his coffee. Give me my ol’ blackie crude and brewed, no junk in it. But in the warmer months here in the Carolinas, a nice iced coffee helps take the edge off the perpetual swamp ass that is half the year. But wait, didn’t I just say today is the shortest day of the year? Yes. And that’s why the only iced coffee I want is in beer form. Thankfully, Fullsteam, a native North Carolina brewery, creates just the coffee for this specific niche. It’s still black as motor oil and hardy enough to chase away the chills on a cold evening, but its smooth finish and lighter weight mean you won’t be cramping with the standard porter stomach twists if you drink it too quickly. Find some at your favorite bottle shop today.

2. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for Nintendo Switch. Masterhero Samurai wasn’t joking when he said that everyone is here. You wouldn’t be faulted for wondering how in the hell Sakurai’s team at Sora pulled off balancing a roster with 69 (nice!) different fighters, but they delivered… and then some. Ultimate is the smoothest Smash Bros. game since Melee; the combat is fast, fluid, and fun as all hell. With the widest range levels ever, multiple different play modes, and easy ways to toggle between competitive modes (if you’re a friendless loser) and party modes (if you never bothered to git gud), Ultimate offers the perfect entry point for beginners and the most refined take on the series for veterans alike. Calling it now: this is the single best entry in the Smash Bros. series, and I’ll be playing it for a long time to come.

3. Hermit Cult’s Otherwhere. Surprise, dillholes! Our friend Brendan Campbell (Daemogog) just dropped a surprise, brand-spankin’-new Hermit Cult album. Double surprise, dillholes! It rules. It’s got everything you could possibly want from a BC album: haunting atmosphere, impenetrable low end, and inexplicably catchy riffs. Triple surprise, dillholes! It only costs Name Your Price, so get it right now.



I don’t have any bads or uglies today, as it’s my last day of work until after the new year, but feel free to share your own GBUs in the comments! Otherwise, let’s see what happened this week around this here infernal bog blog.

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That’s it for this FiF! Do what you do best and have a great day!

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