TMP: NIN, Rivers Of Nihil, Candiria, The Atlas Moth, and More!


I don’t think I spotted any notable tour posters this week, but there’s more news than the average man or woman can handle. Yes, that is a challenge.

Hell yes. New Thy Catafalque. Album out May 4.

This new Oblivion is some heavy shit.

New song from TesseracT. These guys may be on the rebound with me.

New Skeletal Remains track, album out April 13.

Sevendust is one of those bands whose name I have seen around forever, but I have no clue what they sound like or if people like them. Here’s a new song.

Deathgrind dudes Of Feather and Bone have another heavy track.

  • New stoner stuff from Gozu.
  • Black Label Society, Corrosion of Conformity, Eyehategod tour announced.
  • New filthy doom from Fister.
  • Brendon Small directed a Nekrogoblikon video. It’s probably goofy as hell.
  • Black Tusk signed with SoM and are recording an album.
  • Sannhet has a little baby tour with Self Defense Family.
  • New Saxon video. Do not recommend.
  • Possibly the most hilariously contradictory tour ever is happening (if you think about the band names) with Stick to Your Guns and Stray from the Path.
  • New Primitive Man video is NSFW and totally fucked.
  • Fallujah shared a teaser video.
  • Nine Inch Nails revealed some plans for a new EP.
  • Apparently, the best band in some state, Memphis May Fire, is touring.
  • James Iha is choosing Smashing Pumpkins reunion tour over APC tour.
  • That band that got far too much attention five years ago, Born of Osiris, are touring with Fit for a King.
  • The Atlas Moth and Mustard Gas & Roses are touring mostly the west coast in the spring.
  • Candiria are doing an anniversary tour for Beyond Reasonable Doubt.
  • Devin’s backing band and some other important people joined up to make a new band. They have to explain the pronunciation, so you know it’s good.
  • KEN Mode finished recording a new album.
  • Rivers of Nihil dropped a new video with their excellent album release last Friday.
  • Overkill live video.
  • Earthless made their first video.
  • New Grave Pleasures video of an old song.
  • Lik is going to Rid me of my Flesh, and I am both grossed out and a little turned on.
  • Primordial made a video.
  • Creepy dads in W.A.S.P. made a new video. Do not recommend.
  • New Skinless, album out May 11.
  • New Wrong, album out April 13.
  • King Goat, the king of goats, new song here, album out in April.
  • Black Dahlia Murder, Homewrecker US tour.
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