Flush It Friday: Great Job


Since the dawn of man, people have had jobs. While some say this began with sex work, surely back-scratching, louse removal, meat-searing, berry-picking, and other occupations formed a sort of prototype, as well, with the better berry-gatherers focusing on that task while others handled the valuable work of slinging turds across the cave.

Flash forward to the Year of Our Lord 2021, where people are questioning whether we should’ve moved on from berry-gathering and turd-slinging in the first place. Whether it’s companies scratching their heads about “hOw CoUlD tHiS pOsSiBlY hApPeN??” or people half-jokingly suggesting things like the 4/20/69 work week, we seem to be at an inflection point in the whole “why work?” thing. No one is fucking us for removing all the virtual lice, now turned into bland bureaucratic processes where the actual lice are 10 steps removed and 20 people away; meanwhile, those who are trying to make an honest living are continually being dicked over (NSFW) in favor of disruption. With two-thirds of those surveyed thinking of quitting and many jobs staring down the barrel of automation, it all makes you wonder—why bother?

Luckily, it’s Flush It Friday, so I don’t have to answer my own questions! Instead, I’ll give you a look back at the week before leaving you to your thoughts on the horrors of capitalism.

Spear delivered the tech death goods, and four days early at that:

Premiere: Xenosis – “Personification of the Unconscious”

eenzamheid hit us with some eenzsploitation:

Premiere: Loose Sutures – “Sunny Cola”

Carcassbomb regaled us with tales of yonder Knoll:

Review: Knoll – Intercise

And A Spooky Mansion showed us such sights as to blind us like so much glinting porcelain:

Review: Veilburner – Lurkers In The Capsule Of Skull

How’s your life this fine Friday? Are you thinking of quitting your job? Hit us with them G/B/U’s below to show off the blue-sky, can-do attitude for your next exploiter employer is looking for.

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