TMP: Lord Mantis, Abigail Williams, Brain Tentacles, and More!


It’s your weekly dose. In other news, I can’t stop watching this.

The Lord Mantis has graced us again.

Blackened stuff from the deceptive band name dudes, Abigail Williams.

Sorta pop-prog stuff from Black Peaks.

I kinda like Norma Jean now?

  • I’m sure you’ve seen the memes, but Blood Incantation is coming November 22.
  • New Daniel Denial of God.
  • Enforced, High Command tour.
  • Suffocation, Belphegor tour.
  • Ensiferum, Kalmah, Abigail Williams, Aenimus tour.
  • Child Bite, Brain Tentacles released a split.
  • Drop those Juuls and go to Psycho Smoke Out 2020.
  • I used to be a huge Black Crown Initiate apologist. I’m not sure that will continue now.
  • Frédéric Leclercq (ex Dragonforce) joined Kreator.
  • Original Motorhead guitarist Larry Wallis died.
  • Torche US and UK tours.
  • In Flames, Red, Arrival Of Autumn North American tour.

I didn’t have time to see if any these are new or good. So. Good luck.

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