TMP: Decapitated, Pro-Pain, Paradise Lost, and More!


If you don’t news it, you lose it.

I was getting worried I wouldn’t have a tour poster to share this week. Thanks for the save, Dragonforce.

Here’s new Paradise Lost song. Album out September 1.

Venom Inc released a song off their upcoming August 11 release.

Rings of Saturn released another track. (Read Spear’s review in last week’s Tech-Death Thursday)

Speaking of venomous bands, Venom Prison released a house show video.

  • The 70000 Tons of Metal cruise has its first few bands confirmed, including Dark Tranquility, Cannibal Corpse, Enslaved, Meshuggah, and many more.
  • That doomy band I mentioned last week, Loviatar, released a new track. I’m mostly this putting here as a reminder to myself since I liked the last one.
  • Every Time I Die and Knocked Loose are touring Europe.
  • Decapitated released yet another song. (Read Moshito’s review here)
  • Eidola is co-headlining a tour with The Ongoing Concept.
  • Here’s a new Abhorrent Decimation track.
  • DevilDriver and 36 Crazyfists are hitting the road this summer.
  • You can listen to one minute of new Wintersun by pledging just 18 euros per month towards the swamp package. (Just kidding, it’s free).
  • The frontman of Pro-Pain was beaten and mugged in Brussels.
  • Hardcore punk band Trapped Under Ice premiered a new song.
  • Integrity premiered a new song. [Joe: This shit RULES]
  • Texas thrash band Warbeast premiered a song over at Decibel.
  • Darkest Hour has a mini east coast tour set up for this month.
  • Ne Obliviscaris are still looking for a bassist.
  • Blind Guardian put out a long live video from the new album. (Read Link’s review here)
  • Bloody Hammers.
  • New music from a band called From North, which is not the post-metal band North, and is instead folk metal, obviously.
  • Want a guitar playthrough of a Destrage song? Here you go.
  • Monster Magnet will release re-issues of Tab and Spine Of God via Napalm Records
  • Iron Reagan/Homewrecker mini tour:
    09/07 Columbus, OH – Ace Of Cups
    09/08 Cave-In-Rock, IL – Full Terror Assault
    09/09 Cincinnati, OH – Northside Tavern
    09/10 Richmond, VA – The Camel

I apologize for the lack of interesting goings-on this week. Did I miss anything?

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