Riff Of The Week: J Edition


Brought to you by the letter J – “The choice of Jeffs worldwide since 1953“.

Last week we rocked the fuck out for our Geological Edition. As expected, Bolt Thrower took home the prize for the umpteenth time. Now, even though entering a Bolt Thrower riff is a bit of a faux pas ’round here, I don’t want anyone getting shitty at Nukenado for submitting them. If anything it’s a matter you’ll have to address with the voting populace. Whatever, I was gonna award victory to The Red Chord anyway, until Cephalic Carnage turned up. So, once again, no-one wins. Go gnaw on some grapefruit pith and taste the bitterness of fruitless human endeavour.

This week we asked for riffs from bands whose name starts with the letter J. The origins of the character J are often misunderstood, mostly because nobody cares. It’s just here now and we have to put up with it, like people who enjoy liquorice.


Job For A Cowboy – ‘Coalescing Prophecy’ (Riff @ 0:00)

Till the day I die (I am God, so that’s never) I’ll still defend the fact that Job For A Cowboy has one of the best Deathcore to Death Metal transitions ever. Genesis is a fucking powerhouse and a real coming of age album for the relatively very new “deathcore” group. And for me, they completely set themself apart from the herd with this album. Gone are the iconic pig squeals and proficient breakdowns, and here to stay is the brutal riffage and vocals that were always the most appealing part of JFAC for me. Coalescing Prophecy is but one example of an amazing track off an amazing album. Years and years later, this effort earns it’s right to be on regular rotation on my playlists. Enjoy.

Positronic Brain

Judas Priest – ‘Metal Messiah’ (Riff @ 0:05)

I actually don’t own any albums by bands beginning with J, and I’ve never liked Judas Priest, so I figured why not go for low-hanging fruit but still get zero votes? This is JP doing the groove metal thing with not-Rob Halford on vocals. There’s something close to rapping and lyrics like “Someone’s coming back/Fuck the almanacs” and “Better fornicate before it’s too late.”


Jungle Rot – ‘Symbols of Hate’ (Riff @ 0:10)

Too many Bolt Thrower riffs? Have some Jungle Rot then. Dance a little jig to this here riff and yell stuff about war.


Jasad – ‘Cengkram Garuda’ (Riff @ 2:53)

The Indonesian Suffocation (as I’ve heard them referred to as) stops the effin song @2:50 to tease you with the riff @2:53, take it back @3:11 – then get back to it @3:28 and ride it into the sunset.


Jörmungandr – ‘Thought And Memory’ (Riff @ 1:06)

Jörmungandr’s 2015 album is some raw Kiwi viking/pagan junk to get your jandels jumpin. However, I’ve opted for a riff from the serene outro jam for today. Spark one up and hold it above the waves.

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Next week is a free-for-all. Send in whatever riff you like (n.b. the NO MAIDEN & SABBATH rules still stand) to toiletovhellriff@gmail.com by Friday, being sure to attach a screen-name and a short description that includes a time-stamp of when the riff starts.

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