Flush it Friday: Thank You, Mr. Brain, For This Generous Vision


I can tell the fear of my rapidly approaching employment is finally catching up to me. It manifests in Cronenbergian night terrors, such as this absolute B A N G E R from a few nights ago:

You know those brushes with the little rubber balls on the end of the spokes? I was brushing my hair, and somehow, an extended spoke (with the ball missing of course) jabbed right into the sclera of my right eyeball. I dropped the brush and nervously reached up to the wound, realizing I’d need to yank out the debris. With a nice little SHLLLUUPPP, it was gone, leaving a perfectly circular cut-out. I inspected the damage in the mirror, realizing I could see the circle superimposed on everything from the first-person POV, as well as a pink mist I took to be a bruise, spreading across my cornea. I wondered then, can a doctor fix this? Will it heal? What do I do? There was also something about 365‘s band, Tovarish, so at least that was neato.

Happy BC Friday!

Ian hosted Toilet Radio this week, ft. special guest Riki Rachtman, who I’m too young an owl to remember, but enjoyed listening to anyways:

Toilet Radio 306 – The Riki Rachtman Interview

þeo-Bomb got us all þorny (or if you prefer, kicked our rears into gear) with a premiere from Åskog:

Album Premiere: Åskog — Varþnaþer

IGoM has been a content factory this week, continuing with this premiere of the Awenden/Feminazgul split:

Sever and Break: Premiering the Awenden/Feminazgul Split

Me and Theo-Bomb want you to give cash money (all of it) to these bands on today’s BC Friday:

100% Support: Philosophowl Edition

Y’all got BC hauls from today? I’ll tell you one thing, you all have one less album than you could’ve (from me), because the gifting option seems utterly fuqt today. Share anything you’d like along with your G/B/Us!

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