TMP: Dreadnought, Spirit Adrift, Inter Arma, and More!


Singles. Tours. Trash. You know the drill.

New Dreadnought is very good.

New Spirit Adrift, if you missed it.

Fleshgod Apocalypse has a new one coming May 24.

New Lord Dying in April, first track here.

  • Neurosis, Bell Witch summer tour.
  • Post-rock from Lost in Kiev.
  • New doomy sludgy stuff from Druids.
  • Inter Arma is touring with Thantifaxath, also new track.
  • New Chokehold for the first time in like 12 years.
  • New death from Usurper.
  • New Martydod music.
  • Enforcer, Warbringer are touring in the fall.
  • Prog metal from Avandra seems to borrow a bit from Cynic but it’s pretty ok.
  • Baroness‘s Gold and Silver is on the way. Can’t wait.
  • Weedeater, The Skull touring soon.
  • Blackguard is back and they brought the vocalist from Kittie with them.
  • Full of Hell, Primitive Man tour.
  • New Exumer single.
  • Stoner metal that doesn’t suck from Asthma Castle.
  • French band Dirge are calling it quits.
  • New black metal from Anthropomorphia.
  • A new week, a new Tengger Cavalry.
  • Korpiklaani and the guy from Tankard. I hate this shit.
  • New melodeath from Nightrage.
  • New stuff from old timers in Ringworm. ALbum out May 3.
  • Emil Bulls covering Destiny’s Child for some reason.
  • Nile, Terrorizer tour.
  • Another Cellar Darling.

And the rest:

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