TMP: Ensiferum, Jag Panzer, Triptykon And More!


The joke is over. The stick is broke. This is hell and it’s all news to you.

DevilDriver is going to tour the US with 36 Crazyfists, Cane Hill, Uncured, and Tetrach.

Guitarists of famous bands, Gus G (Ozzy, Firewind) and Vinnie Moore (UFO) are touring the US together.

One of folk metal’s biggest names, Ensiferum, is going to release their new album Two Paths on the 15th of September (art here). You can order it via Metal Blade and listen to a new song, “For Those About To Fight For Metal”, below. It’s very certainly an Ensiferum song, and if you enjoyed the last album you’ll likely do so now too. Personally not a fan of this whole “For teh metuhls, my breh!” -thing, and it’s just “okay” to me, but I’m a grouch and don’t like things anyways, so give it a shot.

Talking about metal stalwarts, Jag Panzer – the legendary US heavy metal band will be releasing The Deviant Chord on the 29th of September. To commemorate the occasion you can view the cover art while listening to the new song, “Far Beyond All Fear” below.

Motörhead’s Lemmy Kilmister spoke often in his latter days about his desire to release a cover album, it is now – posthumously – being realized. Under Cöver, featuring old and new covers, will be available for pre-order soon. What do you mean grave-robbing?


  • Venom (of Cronos) is going to release a new EP this year, and is already working on their next full-length. Said EP is supposedly running late of schedule due to traffic at vinyl presses. “It’ll give you a clue of what the full-length’s gonna sound like. We’re developing this whole ‘black metal’ thing forward, [we] got to stay in motion and be excited about our new music – so I like to dissect, stretch and turn Venom around” says man who’s spent the last 30 years recreating the same song over and over, about the new EP.
  • British thrash metal veterans Xentrix have awoken, with a new front-man.
  • Fans of (modern) Anathema ahoy! The Chant is releasing a new EP Approacher, and have a song/video out.
  • Body Count does Slayer.
  • Former Oceanwake guitarist starts new band – Atlases, with an EP coming out this Fall, check out a song, if you’re into post-metal.
  • The Agonist released a video.
  • Heavy metallers, Portrait, prepare to launch their career into the stratosphere with a new song.
  • A new Thy Art Is Murder song is out, from Dear Desolation, out August 19th.
  • Cavalera Conspiracy album #4 is ready and will be called Psychosis, supposedly sounds like early Sepultura.
  • The Hirvi, supposedly a cult-thrash/speed band from the 80’s (aka released one demo in 1989), comes back with Oldschool Killingspree – and I care because their current line-up is rounded out by Otto Luotonen, best known as the drummer of Rytmihäiriö – one of my all time favourites. Listen to “Dying Time“.
  • Accept’s new song is called… “Koolaid“, because apparently “drinking the kool-aid” refers to a person or group holding an unquestioned belief, argument, or philosophy without critical examination. Sounds very much like Accept, not a bad thing necessarily.
  • Marco Aro and co. came back Haunted with a spark.
  • Steven Wilson goes ABBA” has a video.
  • Cripper is pressuring you to follow them. And kill?
  • Triptykon is kind of preparing to start recording a new album some time in the foreseeable future without their departing drummer Norman Lonhard.


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