TMP: Kataklysm, Behemoth, Melechesh And More!


Joaquin Stick so very conveniently left the office when we were flooded with an onslaught of tours and new music, so now it’s all on your hands. 

If you’re excited for Kataklysm’s June Meditations, you’re in luck. In the case that you also happen to live nearby one of the four cities they will be hitting with Jungle Rot and/or Exmortus! If not, you’re fucked. For those shit outta luck, you can bypass your hardwiring so you don’t self-destruct by listening to their new song “Guillotine” again (do you bypass hardwiring?) Or you could be like me and keep sending them angry letters asking “What Sorcery is this”??

Benighted is also giving US a taste o’ the ol’ mini-tour around June. Why do I get yet another The 69 Eyes comeback that I didn’t know I knew I didn’t want anymore than the last instead of this?

Attila is touring with TovH favourites Suicide Silence and Rings of Saturn.

Not only will you have a chance to catch Melechesh on an Euro-tour with Belphegor

…you will also be getting, uh, this:

“Since summer 2017 Ashmedi – the founder an frontman of MELECHESH has made two trips to Armenia. Strangely, he was not there on a tour or for rest but to work on the very first Metal Depot interactive comic book, which features MELECHESH and the forgotten Sumerian gods. The 130-page epic is based on true episodes of Ashmedi’s life, as well as some memorable events that happened throughout Melechesh career, with a little bit of interference of dark forces, of course, which are awakened by the music of the band and are ready to unleash chaos on the land of mortals – aka our world.

“EMISSARY OF THE ANUNNAKI: The Tale of the Fire King” will be released this summer. The interactive part of the graphic novel will allow the readers to have an impact on the story and help the characters make choices in different situations. Also, an audio version will be available, where the readers can hear the dialogues. The protagonist is voiced by Ashmedi himself and the representatives of different generations of rock/metal musicians in Armenia and professional actors as the secondary characters.”

GWAR’s gone Rogue! I mean ROKU

Ghost (b.c) has a new song and also a video out, and they’re still supposedly swapping out their vocalist each time and this time it’s not supposed to be of the Papa Emeritus bloodline anymore but some douche-looking dude called Cardinal Copius, but I do like the cover art for what I hope is the whole album and not just this digital single and don’t you think this sentence is getting a little exhausting too – but wait, there’s more, “Rats” also has a video that you can view for your pleasure at your leisure below.

“A full production video from ‘Messe Noire’ & the final clip from ‘The Satanist’ cinematic archive.” Which is to say Behemoth released a new video for a really old song.

There were many bands that released new music and some of that new music was also accompanied by videos. And there was much rejoicing.

  • Follow The Cipher is doing their best Sabaton impression. Did you know that in Italian Sabathon refers to the traditional Saturday trial between a home-stove and the bar? Me neither.
  • Trivium is fighting the Endless Night. Damn that elusive dawn.
  • Gone Is Gone (is this one of the Mastodon side-projects that has been sucking the life out of Mastodon? The singer sure sounds like that one guy) wants to be saved.
  • Another new Skinless track. Catch the with Ringworm, Churchburn, Nounverb and Axeslash
  • I didn’t know Pallbearer was cooking again, but apparently they are!
  • Wrong wants you to know that Pustule’s feel great
  • Midnattsol, the band formerly featuring Liv Kristine’s sister and currently also featuring Liv Kristine, is making a comeback and has a new song out. Now with with 100% More or Less!
  • God Is An Astronut has a new song out that honestly sounds like a five and a half minute intro. Which is a bit of a bummer if you think about it.
  • The Ever Living have synthesized a new party-bummer drug, called Herephemine. It’s like meth, but with bummers.
  • Lord Jovi, as known KISS fans, have finally dedicated a song to Gene Simmons’ best-known attribute.
  • Debauchery is going to release a Debauchery vs Balgeroth album is July, and here is Debauchery’s Balgeroth doing his (their?) best to make it to Metal Without Context
  • Wolf King stays loyal to the soil, hailing the ash. This could get out of hand fast.
  • It’s not exactly new music, but bears to mention that American Head Charge’s vocalist Cameron Heacock was arrested again. This time not for drugs but for driving a stolen van full of stolen gear including a dozen stolen guitars. Oh, and a stolen motorbike.
  • Satan re-signed to Metal Blade.
  • Nothgard also signed to Metal Blade.
  • The Spirit signed to Nuclear Blast


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