TMP: Knocked Loose, Howling Sycamore, Twilight Force, and More!


On this special Tuesday edition of TMP, we have… uh… the same news you were supposed to get Monday.

I was very excited about a big fest in IL, but then I looked up the city and it’s basically KY.

Howling Sycamore is back, I know a few of you loved the last one.

Hardcore dudes in Knocked Loose dropped a song.

Here’s some flensercore Wreck and Reference.

The second new Immortal Bird is here. Still good.

  • Immolation, Blood Incantation are touring.
  • New music from post-metal stalwarts Russian Circles.
  • In case you missed the newest Falls of Rauros premiere.
  • Opeth is making more dad prog, probably.
  • Stoner doom from Eternal Black.
  • Zao, Wolf King tour.
  • Disentomb, Visceral Disgorge, Signs Of The Swarm tour.
  • New stuff from All Out War.
  • King of the Nerds, Twilight Force, have a new album coming August 16.
  • Big tour with Disentomb, Visceral Disgorge, Signs of the Swarm, Continuum, Organectomy, Mental Cruelty.
  • Burp metal from Nekroi Theoi.
  • Cruel Hand.
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