Flush it Friday: The Fraught Lands of Postmaskia


Today was a wild one, folks: upon visiting the local Star Market, I found that there were people indoors without masks on. Like every person, my social skills shriveled up like a mummy’s diqq during these last however-many-months. I almost forgot what mouths look like (besides those of elderly white men, I saw those plenty throughout the crisis). All these full frontal nude faces…a bit overwhelming. So much so, in fact, that when a young woman turned to me and ejacked an excited “I had the same mask as you!” into my face, instead of responding that she was obviously a woman of culture, I stammered “MMMBEBM…*hehe*” before running from the aisle in shame. As people who have heard metal, I’m sure we’ve all done this before when somebody compliments a shirt, but this was a new level of cringe, even for me. This interaction stuff is like riding a bike, they say—maybe one with no wheels and a seat bristling with shards of glass.

Sepulcrustaceans, Degenerations, death metal sensations:

Review: Diskord – Degenerations

Guacamole Jim outta nowheres with the M’nemic Porcelain Throne:

The Porcelain Throne: Mnemic

A Spooky Mansion guided us through a post-truth premiere from Funeral Chasm:

Premiere: Funeral Chasm – “The Truth That Never Was”

Spear sucked the air from the atmosphere with this kaiju-sized exclusive stream from Oxygen Destroyer:

Premiere: Oxygen Destroyer – “The Plague Spreading Horror From 20,000 Fathoms”

I miss you bbz <3 Slather me in G/B/Us.

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