Video Premiere: Birdflesh – Land of Forgotten Riffs


Back to the grind.

Long weekend, eh? You know what’s also long? The career of silly grind stalwarts Birdflesh. You know what’s not? Life. BAM! Unexpected philosophy or something. Birdflesh’s new track, “Land of Forgotten Riffs,” is also pretty dang short. Today, as life resumes its normal course, Everlasting Spew Records bestows upon us the perfect pissed-off soundtrack to remind you that your musical ambitions are a pipe dream and you’re doomed to forever service the machines that will eventually kill you. Or maybe it’s just a song about forgetting choice riffs that you thought up. You be the judge.

Is this the shortest premiere we’ve ever run? Can we get a Video Breakdown of this? Do you not feel like getting back to work yet? Fair enough. Just follow up with the other preview track from the band’s upcoming 5th full-length:

Digital and physical copies of Extreme Graveyard Tornado will be out on June 28th via Everlasting Spew.

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