Toilet ov Hell Radio Ep. 10: I Play Literally Whatever You Sent Me


On this very special edition of Radio Toilet ov Hell, I played literally anything you sent me. I deeply regret it.

Music Featured in this program:

Turd/Cutter – “Ukraine” from Five Bucks Street Value (Facebook)(Bandcamp)
Crippled Beggar – “Day of Ashura (Tatbir)” (Bandcamp)
Glitterbomb – “Dead Row” from Hive Mind (Facebook)(Bandcamp)
The Vince Schlomi Hooker Beating Experience – “No Lyrics, Just Hetfield” (Bandcamp)
Alyosha – “Hakone” (Facebook)(Bandcamp)
The Viet Numyz – “The Explanation/The Mission” (Bandcamp)
Old Scratch – “Black Skies” (Facebook)(Bandcamp)
Nequient – “Obsidian Order” from Infinite Regress (Facebook)(Bandcamp)
Dr. Hump and the Funtubes – “Romancing the Summer”
Deathstate – “Anger to Inspire” (Facebook)(Bandcamp)
Graveborn – “Mahabodhi” from Seeds of Life (Facebook)(Bandcamp)
ChuggaChuggaDeedleyDoo – “Graveyard Orbit”

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