Flush it Friday: Doing Thangs


It is Friday. Let us commence the weekly tradition.

Hello friends. I don’t really have much for you today because I am absolutely slammed between work, household animals, and preparing all the sweet Patreon loot for this August. Brenocide and I worked late into the night recording an extremely entertaining bonus episode of the podcast, and the monthly mixtape is a total fucking burner. If you’re an official Flusher you can expect to get your digital rewards next week. I’m shipping the mixtapes your way next week too, just give it a few days for delivery. The deadline to get in on the physical mixtape is Monday so don’t miss out if you wanna shred in your Oldsmobile.

OK, I’m way behind so I’m gonna get back to dubbing some tapes. You guys share your tales of triumph and your stories of bitter defeat below. We’ll see you tomorrow.

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