TMP: Baby Metal, Mammoth Grinder, Consummation, and More!



New Thank You Scientist track featuring fretless guitar playthrough. Solo at 5:45 0_0.

New techy power metal from Paladin sounds neat.

Insanity from Consummation.

From the minute I sampled, this Ashbringer has me intrigued.

  • Xibalba (California) are recording.
  • Abbath, 1349, Vltimas Euro Tour.
  • New presence from The Absence.
  • Doom focused festival in New Mexico.
  • New music for Baby Metal, US tour announced.
  • New Volbeat.
  • Here’s the Cult of Luna track that I mentioned last week. SO GOOD.
  • World War metal from 1914.
  • Mammy Grindy covering Germs.
  • New Pinkish Black.
  • Batushka name rights madness.
  • Crematory signed with Napalm Records.
  • New black metal from All Hell, can’t wait for the Full of All Hell collab that is sure to happen.
  • All sales for Slaves BC on Bandcamp go to RAINN, a sexual assault support group.
  • Ulver cancelled their west coast US shows do to low ticket sales in too large venues (though, in my opinion, it’s a crime they can’t fill those).
  • Samael has you covered if you like red.
  • The day must end in “y” because here’s MORE TENGGER CAVALRY….FUCK.
  • I featured Immortal Bird last week, so obviously here’s Deadbird.

And make sure to skim these:

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