Toilet Exclusive Premiere: Colosso – Despised


It was a little more than 8 years ago (pre-Toilet days, I shudder to think) when I stumbled upon a crushing, groove-oriented death metal band on a blossoming platform called BandCamp. Laced with atmosphere, stuffed with Meshuggah-esque riffs, a side of industrial, and a few tasteful moments of quiet introspection between pulverizations—Portugal’s Colosso has been consistently releasing new music on the now-famous platform ever since. Well in this year of our Lord 2021, it gives me immense pleasure to stream an exclusive new track from the band, now working with a brand new record label whom we shall all welcome: Gruesome Records!

What has Colosso been up to lately? You might recall that Max wrote a killer 4-song EP released on Transcending Obscurity last year titled Apocalypse about the four horsemen of said event. During that time period of promotion and release of that excellent EP, Max had been hard at work on the band’s next proper full-length album, Hateworlds, on newcomer label Gruesome Records (also based in Portugal).

What can we expect to experience with Hateworlds? Keep in mind I’ve only heard the previous two singles and this here premiere, but I think we are in for an album as excessively heavy as their sophomore release (and my personal favorite) Obnoxious. So HEAVY is the key word here (let’s throw in UNRELENTING for good measure). Max has employed drummer extraordinaire Dirk Verbeuren along with guests Marco Silva and Miguel “Inglês”, making this album feel more like a collaborative effort which is an attribute I think helped Obnoxious greatly. Listen for yourself, with this exclusive Toilet stream of “Despised”:

Do you want to know what I, a long-time Colosso fan, thinks of the premiere? I LOVE IT. I mean, those cleans at 2:25! This album may really engage the fans who were into the band’s debut Abrasive Peace, but for whatever reason became casual listeners after that point. All three of the released singles are extremely fast-paced death metal, so this one might leave behind some of the deliberately-paced, deathcore-infused material found on Obnoxious, which only helps to diversify the band’s discography of varying styles. With the plentiful groove-oriented death metal firmly in place, interspersed with some “catchy” hooks or guitar leads, and the rare but expertly-placed cleans; the band are about to give birth to an absolute beast. That’s just one man’s opinion, and we shall see when it drops on January 15th.

Check out Colosso’s discography at their BandCamp page. There’s lots of old material to ingest.

The iron is still hot to strike at the previous release Apocalypse.

You should read an interview I conducted with Max 4 years ago on this here blog!

And finally, please check out newcomers Gruesome Records! They were super sweet to work with on this premiere. I’m going to stay on top of their releases, because obviously they recognize great talent.

(image via Gruesome Records)

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